Sign up for Shifts/Tasks

Each volunteer group uses a different system for scheduling but most use Volgistics in some way, which is our volunteer scheduling tool. Once you’ve done your mentoring session and chosen a role you’d like to fulfill, you’ll receive information from the team that manages that activity.

If you decide to continue with shift work at the farm, you will get a login ID to Volgistics. You will be sent a welcome email with additional information.

At first, you’ll be designated as a “trainee” with limited tasks available. After you’ve volunteered for awhile, your status will be changed so you can sign up for many other jobs that are posted. We communicate frequently through email distribution lists and you will always know what the needs are on the farm!

Once you have a Volgistics ID, you can seek assistance from the Volunteer System Admin (

Saving Grace does not have a direct phone line that is answered by a live person, and all calls go to voicemail. It is always best to use email, as there are multiple volunteers monitoring the various email systems who will respond accordingly.

We’d love your help!

STEP 1: Explore the Options

There is always plenty to do at Saving Grace – do you like physical work and getting a bit dirty on a regular basis? Or would you prefer something a little less strenuous less frequently? We have it all!

STEP 2: Fill Out Our Volunteer Form

If one of our roles looks interesting, fill out our volunteer form.

STEP 3: Attend a Volunteer Orientation

Once you’ve filled out your application, we’ll send you a link to sign up for our volunteer orientation.

STEP 4: Attend a Mentoring Session

For those doing shift work at the farm, this is an important part of your orientation.

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STEP 5: Sign up for Shifts/Tasks

Once you’ve completed orientation and a mentoring session, you’ll be entered into our system where you can sign up for shifts/tasks.

STEP 6: Keep coming back!

Thank you for your time and commitment! We appreciate your support. Once you have completed a certain number of shifts, you are welcome to explore other volunteer areas of Saving Grace and to find what interests or inspires you further!

Host a Dog Sleepover

Mazie wants to sleepover!

What is a Sleepover?

Find out how you can take a dog home for a sleepover.

Dog heading out for a sleepover

Pick a Date

We offer sleepovers most weekends.

Adorable pup heading out for a sleepover

Pick Them Up

C'mon out and pick them up, and plan some fun!

Dogs with Suitcase.

Bring Them Back

It's tough, but maybe you'll make it permanent?

Foster a Dog

Foster puppies peeking out of a fence.

What is Fostering?

Find out what it takes to foster vulnerable dogs.

Person working on computer with a dog

Apply to be a Foster

Take the first steps to being a foster.

Dog supervising paperwork.

Attend a Foster Orientation

We'll share more details after you submit your application.


Accept an Assignment

There's someone out there waiting for you!

Adopt from Saving Grace

Happy Tails

Stories shared by happy adopters
Smiling bulldog

What is it like to Adopt?

Understand what it is like to adopt a shelter dog.
Dog heading out for a sleepover

Apply to Adopt

Once you understand what it takes, apply!
forever home

Take Them Home

Pick them up, and stop at the Supply Co to stock up!
Dogs with Suitcase.

Love Them!

Here's some tips and tricks for establishing an incredible relationship!

About Saving Grace

Meet Molly Goldston

Founder of Saving Grace


Meet Our Pack

Here's who makes things happen!

Saving Grace Cottage

Saving Grace Cottage

A great place to stay!

Mama dog with puppies

Spay/Neuter Clinic

On-site dedicated services.

Saving Grace Wake Forest

aka "The Funny Farm"
13400 Old Creedmoor Rd,
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Saving Grace Wake Forest

13400 Old Creedmoor Rd
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Volunteer for Saving Grace

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Find your sweet spot!

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Fill Out the Application

Begin the process to join our team.

New Volunteer Orientation

Get Oriented

Attend volunteer orientation.

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Attend a Mentor Session

We'll show you the ropes.

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Sign up for Shifts/Tasks

Make a difference.

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Keep Coming Back!

Make a difference.

Host a Dog for a weekend

Will you take a deserving dog for the weekend to give them a break from the Funny Farm?

We Need Fosters!

Not all our dogs are ready to stay at the Funny Farm - our Fosters help get them ready for adoption!

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