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Dogs being transported to Saving Grace
Work Shifts at the Farm

Every day care of the pups at the farm is critical for ensuring the wellbeing of the dogs.

Shifts are daily from 9-1pm and 5-8pm. It is a great way to meet new friends and join an ongoing team!

Here are the three main areas for shifts:


  • Dog Care – Volunteers work in teams twice per day handling the daily care of our dogs. Responsibilities including feeding, cleaning, rotating dogs for outside time. Some lifting required.
  • Meds – work during shift hours to administer medications to dogs in our care.
  • Dishwashing/Poop scooping – Great tasks for people that want to join the team at the Farm but may not be comfortable with all of the shift responsibilities.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

We bring in dogs from shelters throughout North Carolina. We need help transporting dogs and getting them uloaded and settled once they arrive at Saving Grace.

  • Drivers: Drivers are needed M-F to take our vans or your personal vehicles to pick up dogs at our shelter partners and shuttle dogs for veterinary care. Transport needs vary by time and distance.
  • Loading and Unloading: Volunteers assist with transportation by loading and unloading dogs into the vans for transport.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)
Medical Support

Many of the dogs that come to Saving Grace need medical attention. Here’s what you can do to help out at the Farm!

  • Intake: Work with a team of people who welcome dogs to Saving Grace and provide initial evaluation and treatment.
  • Medical volunteers: Work with the medical team in preparing medications for dogs, administering preventatives and evaluating and treating other needs.
    • DAILY MEDICAL ASSISTANTS: This will be a set schedule (can be flexible) M-F Hours from 1-5.It will involve helping the medical lead with routine walk throughs, filling meds as decided by the medical lead. Record meds on medical sheet
    • PANACUR TEAM: All dogs are routinely dewormed and the panacur team works three days (T W Th ) on the morning shift every week. Each week there is a list of dogs to get panacur. Tasks include prepping the panacur meds, administering them to the dogs and updating the medical sheets.
    • PREVENTATIVES TEAM: Each week the preventative team gives all dogs that are due that week their monthly flea/tic and Heartworm preventatives and record them on the dogs med sheet. This job is best done with a partner which makes it easier.
    • PAPERWORK TEAM:  There are routine meds to be recorded on med sheets, files to be made and put away. Computer work as needed into SG tracking systems.
  • Wellness checks – assist the SG team during vet visits to prepare the dogs, take notes on the vet evaluations and communicate next steps for the health of the dog.
  • Heartworm treatments – work with the SG team to track, coordinate and administer heartworm treatments for the HW positive dogs in our care.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)
Website and Social Media

In addition to a website, SG maintains a robust social media presence including a Facebook page, YouTube channel. Volunteers keep it all up to date with current stories and engaging our community for support.

Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)
Work in the Spay/Neuter Clinic

Many of the dogs that come to Saving Grace need medical attention. Here’s what you can do to help out in the Clinic!

  • Walk/Load/Exchange: bring dogs to and from the houses or parking lot into the onsite clinic for treatment.
  • Clinic Assistant: daily cleaning of kennels and surgery room following proper disease control protocol to ensure a sterile environment. Stock all kennel/cleaning supplies as needed.
  • Clean surgical laundry: Clean and sonicate surgical instruments and prepare surgical packs. Clean, fold and stock kennel laundry throughout the clinic.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

Each weekday, wehave as many as XXXX adoption appointments. Help our Adoption Counselors make awesome matches!

  • Greeters – assist with welcoming new adoptors and matching adopters with counselors; some computer input needs required.
  • Counselors – work with adopters to help them find the right dog for them. Adoption appointments are held M-F, in the afternoons and evenings.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)
Administrative Support

Administrative tasks are vital to our work, and can usually be done from home:

  • Paperwork and Data Entry
  • Bios- write brief bios of new dogs that will be posted for potential adopters on our website.
Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

Assist our photographers to get dogs to pose for their profile pictures on our website. Hands on dog handling required.

We’d love your help!

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STEP 1: Decide what you’d like to help us with

There is always plenty to do at Saving Grace – do you like physical work and getting a bit dirty on a regular basis? Or would you prefer something a little less strenuous less frequently? We have it all!

STEP 2: Fill Out Our Volunteer Form

If one of our roles looks interesting, fill out our volunteer form.

STEP 3: Attend a Volunteer Orientation

Once you’ve filled out you application, sign up for our volunteer orientation to get more information.

STEP 4: Attend a Mentoring Session

For those doing shift-work at the farm, this is an important part of your orientation.

STEP 6: Keep coming back!

Thank you for your time and commitment! We appreciate your support.

STEP 5: Sign up for Shifts/Tasks

Once you’ve done orientation and a mentioring session, you’ll be entered into our system where you can sign up for shifts/tasks.

Host a Dog Sleepover

Step 1 What is a Sleepover?

Find out more about our Sleepover program.

Step 2 Pick a Date

Sign up for each time you'd like to have a Sleepover guest.

Step 3 Pick them up

Pick up your sleepover guest, and find fun things to do!

Step 4 Bring them back

It is tough to let them go, but maybe they'll become a permanent member of your home!

Foster a Dog

Step 1 Understand what it takes

Fostering isn't for everyone. Could it be a good fit for you?

Step 2
Apply to become a foster

Show your interest and let us get the process started

Step 3 Attend a Foster Orientation

Pick a session from the calendar to find out more about the program.

Step 4
Accept an Assignment

Taking them home is just the beginning. Your pup will need lots of patience and TLC!

Adopt from Saving Grace

Happy Tails

Stories shared by happy adopters

Step 1 Understand the responsibility

Make sure you understand how adopting a new pet will impact your life.

Step 2
Apply to adopt

Start the formal process that will get you an appointment to meet available dogs.

Step 3 Take them home

Once we all agree you've found your new pet, pay the adoption fee and take them home (after stopping at the Supply Co)!

Step 4
Love them!

Taking them home is just the beginning. Your pup will need lots of patience and TLC!

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Step 1 Explore our volunteer options

Step 4 Attend a mentor session

Step 2 Fill out the application form

Step 5 Sign up for shifts/tasks

Step 3 Attend volunteer orientation

Step 6 Keep coming back!

We Need Fosters!

Not all our dogs are ready to stay at the Funny Farm – our Fosters help get them ready for adoption!

Host a Dog for a weekend

Will you take a deserving dog for the weekend to give them a break from the Funny Farm?

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Every dollar donated to Saving Grace helps us help more dogs find forever homes.

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