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SAVING GRACE STARTED OUT as a private residence many years ago. The ever-growing need in our community to save animals and help families find a great dog provided the farm new purpose and life. While the dogs at Saving Grace have always been well cared for, day-to-day operations at times can be a struggle for volunteers and adopters due to a lack of basic amenities:

• There is no place to bathe and groom dogs when they arrive at Saving Grace. The beginning of a new journey here on the farm often starts with a good bath and brush, which helps the dogs feel better and gets them ready to meet adopters.

• Adoption appointments take place outside in shared areas, with no indoor space or one-on-one place to facilitate these meetings. Inclement weather can put a damper on the adoption experience and presents a challenge for counselors working with adopters to help them find their perfect match.

• We provide two meals a day which translates into 100 dishes or more that are washed by volunteers in big plastic bins with water from a hose. This task can be challenging in the winter months when cold temperatures set in and outside water supplies freeze.

Because of the impactful work SG has done and continues to do in the community, Wake County has granted a special-use permit to improve the facility and make much needed improvements. 

With the proposed upgrades:

  • Adopters will have a place to meet dogs out of the elements with dedicated areas to visit dogs on a one-to-one basis, which will translate into more adoptions.
  • We will have inside running hot and cold water with wash and bath stations, as well as an indoor bathroom for adopters, visitors and volunteers.
  • There will be a special intake/treatment room with space for dogs to be evaluated and treated by a veterinarian or member of the SG medical team.
  • Our office space will be modernized to include areas to conduct important dialogue with shelter partners and veterinarians, as well as enhanced record keeping for every dog.

These improvements are estimated to come in at a price tag of more than $1,500,000.

WE NEED SUPPORT from our donor base and the community at large to bring this new chapter at Saving Grace to fruition. This is the only way we can continue to save and place thousands of unwanted dogs in our community each year.

If this is a mission close to your heart or you have benefitted from the work we do, please consider helping us in our quest to upgrade Saving Grace and creating new standards of animal rescue. 

If you or your company are interested in learning more or would be willing to help us raise the funds to off-set expenses, please contact us.

Please Help Us Raise the Ruff!

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