Pawsitive Connections: The Power of Community Support, Resilience and Rescue

June 1, 2023

In a world where division often dominates headlines, there are also times when individuals come together as a community, demonstrating the true power of unity and compassion. This is the backbone of our Saving Grace community. There are always dogs in need. They depend on Saving Grace for critical care and an opportunity for adoption into a loving, forever home. 

It can seem daunting as we navigate the challenges. North Carolina continues to have the third highest euthanasia rate in the country, and it can seem like we are only making a drop in the bucket of a difference while struggling to piece together resources.

But, whenever I wonder if the effort and heartache is worth it, I meet another sweet dog who has no other option for an adoption journey. And I often meet just as many people who are eager to share how the companionship of their dog has saved them. Between rural shelter partnerships, incredibly dedicated volunteers, charitable donors and kind-hearted adopters, together our Saving Grace community has united to make a difference by rescuing over 50,000 dogs to date.

For almost 20 years, our Saving Grace community has proven its resilience. Like at the onset of the pandemic when, despite our brief closure, we built a bridge to keep dogs in rural shelters from going into landfills so they could go into homes instead. We also built our own vet clinic when many local clinics remained closed. Since fall of 2020, our clinic has provided medical care that included spay and neuter surgeries for over 7,000 animals.

We demonstrate our dedication every day when we’re asked about taking dogs into our program by shelters throughout North and South Carolina. When I visit them, I am always greeted by workers who are so grateful that the dogs who are coming to Saving Grace will have their best chance for adoption. They are beyond excited that whatever dogs I am able to take in will get the care they need and find homes. 

For the dogs we’re able to help, many of whom need medical care and a safe place to stay until they are ready for adoption, their luck changes as they experience the dedication of all who make an adoption journey possible, including our transport team, daily care volunteers, foster homes, our onsite veterinary clinic and other veterinarians throughout our community who help with services beyond what our clinic has the capacity to manage. Because of our volunteer community, these dogs are able not only to heal, but to thrive and flourish. 

Our community is also generous. If we’re able to help, we have to have the resources to do so. Some of these adoption journeys are very long, take lots of hands, and are extremely costly. While we’ll never save them all, we’ll save every one we can, with the backing of our community.

Resilience, dedication and generosity creates powerful, positive momentum. Through our work together to extend a helping hand to dogs in need, we can create a better, kinder, more compassionate world for both people and many more of our furry companions.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to focus on our critical mission.

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