Message from Molly Goldston, Founder/Director:

So Far…What a Year!

While the current events of 2020 have most definitely presented a new situation for us to navigate, honestly it’s no different for the population of animals we serve. We can agree that animals,

and the care they need and deserve, is indeed essential. So is a chance at a loving home. The need for medical care, a place to receive daily love and nourishment, and an opportunity for adoption is as crucial as ever. Here at Saving Grace, we have continued to provide all these things and more to those in need. I’m happy to report our dedication to providing essential care to homeless animals has continued, regardless of the recent pandemic that, for all practical purposes, stopped the world in its tracks.

In order to serve dogs and adopters, we have gotten really creative in inventing ways to continue granting second chances to many animals and those looking for companions. Zoom Meetings, Adoption YouTube Videos, overnight trials and drive through drop off/pick-ups have allowed us to meet our adoption mission head-on. Coordinating the vet care our animals need to be adopted has been challenging, but we will continue to do all we can to the best of our ability. 

On a positive note, one of our partner spay/neuter clinics gave us extra surgery days during April, as they were not open to the general public. This plot twist made it possible for us to adopt out 487 dogs in a month! Just imagine what we could do if we could do this all the time! Our practice is to not adopt our animals out until they’ve been spayed/neutered. This results in animals staying with us longer waiting for spay/neuter option at a clinic. We are currently in the process of establishing a spay/neuter option onsite that would allow us to keep up with our adoption demands. Critical funding is needed to make this concept a reality.

With everything going on I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the volunteers that have continued to show-up, day in and out, to care for our pack. The dedication and loyalty they exhibit is nothing short of miraculous and I know the dogs are grateful.

Because of you, we have been able to continue serving animals in great need over the past couple months, however, we now need your support to continue doing this life-saving work. We were disappointed to miss our annual Walk this Spring which we count on heavily for greatly required funding. Our Spring Open Houses were also cancelled. We missed seeing those of you who always stop by with a donation to get a puppy fix, as well as those potential adopters, volunteers and fosters coming to check out the awesomeness that IS Saving Grace!

With your support, we can continue to do whatever is necessary to care for these animals as we always have. My wish is that Saving Grace can be half as resilient as the dogs in our program. The animals are counting on us to make their happily ever after a reality, pandemic or not!

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