Average Medical Costs

Every animal brought into the Saving Grace Program requires some level of medical care. Whether its general intake fees or a procedure requiring long term care, we try to provide to as many as possible. The reality of the countless who are left behind holds true. Our wonderful shelter partners are limited to what medical care, if any, they can provide. Unfortunately, the expense of medical care may dictate the animals future. Help us save more!

These are some of the average medical costs we routinely face. Consider what a difference any amount makes to some who may otherwise never get a chance and give!

New Dog Intake ($67.00)

Every Dog that comes to Saving Grace is met by our Intake Team. They provide a warm welcome, a Heartworm test, treatment for parasites, and vaccines to prevent further illness.

Parasite Prevention ($36.00)

Saving Grace dogs are kept up to date on heartworm, flea and tick preventatives each month they are in the program.

Heartworm Treatment ($440.00)

Saving Grace is able to provide life saving care to dogs who test heartworm positive. This is an expensive medical treatment but dogs can recover successful with proper care.

Surgery ($927.00)

Thanks to the wonderful Veterinarians and medical fosters who partner with Saving Grace. We are able to provide lifesaving surgeries for dogs that would otherwise have no place to go. This includes dogs requiring eye surgery, dentals, amputations and other critical surgeries.

Spay/Neuter ($125.00)

North Carolina is one of the top three states in the nation for euthanasia from over population. Saving Grace works directly with the counties with the highest intake and greatest needs for spay/neuter and adoption. Consider the difference you can make in helping reduce our overpopulation.

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