Host A Dog Sleepover

Host A Dog Sleepover!

What are Host a Dog Sleepovers?

Will you take a deserving dog for the weekend to give them a break?

Our Host a Dog Sleepover program was developed to give dogs some down time from the hustle and bustle of shelter life, experience the one on one love every dog deserves and to get them out and about in the community to mingle and meet potential adopters.

The exposure you provide and the behavioral input you can gather is vital to helping the dogs find forever homes.  This is such a great experience for not only our dogs, but also for the families that have opened their hears and homes to our dogs who are awaiting families of their own.

Benefits of Host a Dog Sleepovers

There are many benefits of Host a Dog Sleepovers including:

  • Reduction in stress (rest & recharge)
  • Extra exercise
  • Socialization
  • Exposure in the community
  • Valuable feedback on behavior in a home environment
  • Learning house manners
  • Extra love and attention for the dogs and the hosts!
  • Happy dogs and happy volunteers!
  • Increased adoptions, some by our hosts that fall in love!
When are Host a Dog Sleepover Events?

We usually schedule these opportunities every weekend

Please check our calendar here on our website or our Facebook page events for a list of available dates.  

Dates are subject to change based on necessity and availability.

We usually open sign up the Friday before the pickup date (1 week in advance).  The closing of our sign up can differ week to week based on availability, but generally we keep the sign up open until Thursday afternoon.

How to Sign Up to Host a Dog Sleepovers

To sign up, fill out this form.

You can bookmark this link for future use and check on what dates are available for sign up.  

This form will provide us with essential information to pair you with a dog.  While we want to know what will fit best into your family, (i.e. size, gender), we will do our absolute best to fit your needs/requests, please understand our goal is to send out dogs we feel most need you.  

You are welcome to request specific dogs, sizes, or breeds to host, but we cannot ever guarantee these requests for many reasons.  We must ensure that the dog is a great fit for your home lifestyle described in your form and is eligible for our weekend host program.  

Please note that we typically do not send out puppies for our weekend host program as they tend to get adopted quickly and do not usually need this time away from the farm to relax or any help with finding them a forever home.

This program is not intended as a trial adoption.  If you are interested in adopting a specific dog, we suggest filling out an adoption form on our site under “How to Adopt” to set up an appointment to meet this dog with our adoption team.  

Please make sure to save our email address as a contact.  Our confirmation request email and pick- up/return info emails often can go to your junk folder.  Please be on the lookout for these emails after you have completed the online sign up form.

How Does It Really Work?

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick up is usually Friday evening unless otherwise noted. Drop off time is usually Sunday evening or Monday afternoon in the Saving Grace parking lot.  Pick up and return times will be assigned and emailed to you and may vary if we have a special host event.  Pick up and return times are not flexible, you must be able to pick up and return at the set times.  
  • A crate and leash are available if needed.  If you have a straight leash at home, we ask you bring your own, so we can keep the few we have at the farm.  Dogs will be fitted for harnesses at pick up which must be kept on for all outdoor walks with straight leashes.
  • We depend 100% on donations for all food we have at Saving Grace, and with many dogs on site and in long term foster, our supply is almost always limited.  If you are able to supply food for your dog during their stay, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you are in a position where you cannot supply food, please let us know and we will absolutely send you with some!
  • During the dog’s stay – send or tag us in some fun photos or videos that we can post to promote this dog.  Any information that can be sent on house manners, leash manners, sleep habits, potty habits, or any funny quirks can all be very helpful in finding this dog a home quickly!
  • Please make sure to save our email address as a contact.  Our confirmation request email and pick up return info emails often can go to your junk folder.  Please be on the lookout for these emails after you have completed the online sign up form.

Make sure to read and sign our Host a Dog Sleepover Agreement.  This can be printed and brought with you to pick up or emailed to us at

Host a Dog Sleepover Documents
Your Resident Pet's Vaccinations

Some of our dogs on site are being treated for kennel cough with antibiotics, which is common in a shelter environment. 

We recommend all homes fostering/hosting a shelter pet have all resident pets up to date on vaccinations and contact your vet for specific questions. 

We want to ensure the well-being and health of all animals including residents in foster homes.

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