Grace Park Animal Hospital

Grace Park Animal Hospital is a valued partner in the Saving Grace Network. Dr. Strunk is not only an accomplished Veterinarian but also dedicated to promoting rescue and helping shelter animals.  He has helped dogs through Saving Grace with severe trauma with expertise and time, and because of this, they were able to be adopted and have wonderful, long lives with great families.

Providing follow up care and rehab Dr. Strunk makes sure the patient is given the best possible chance at a full recovery. He is also one of our top consultants when it comes to orthopedic cases. Here at Saving Grace we get many, many orthopedic injuries. Either from neglect, gun shots or close encounters with vehicles, not a week goes by that we aren’t faced with some difficult decisions. Dr. Strunk looks at x-rays and evaluates the dog free of charge to help us determine the best course of treatment. He lets us know if a leg can be saved or can be safely removed. We talk about the quality of life for this dog moving forward. His donation of time and expertise cannot be measured.

Dr. Strunk, his wife Amy and everyone at Grace Park Animal Hospital put forth so much care and compassion when it comes to our rescue. They care for our pack and raise money to boot. It’s because of partners like them we can continue to save and rehab so many dogs. If you’re looking for a great veterinary practice in the Cary, Durham or Morrisville area please consider Grace Park Animal Hospital. We are most grateful for the services they provide and for the difference they make in the lives of many animals.

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