Our foster homes play a critical role at Saving Grace.

Fosters provide a safe place for pups who need a little time before they are ready for adoption.

Watch our video, where you’ll hear from some of our foster families about that it takes to do this important job.

If you want to find out more, read on to learn more about how you can help!

Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

What dogs need foster homes?

There are three main types of foster dogs in the Saving Grace foster program:

  • Puppies under six months and pregnant moms or moms with nursing pups come to Saving Grace and are immediately placed into foster care so we can get them up to date on their vaccinations. We have all numbers of puppies who are in need, from singles and pairs all the way up to large litters, and of course moms with any number of nursing pups.
  • Dogs needing time to recover can be puppies all the way up to seniors. There are many reasons why they may need time in a foster home but typically these dogs have suffered from an injury or illness, may need time to rest before or after surgery, or simply may need a quiet home for a little while to rest or put on some much needed weight.
  • Dogs who weigh less than 20 pounds stay with fosters and are available on the Farm for adoption on Fridays and Saturdays.

Occasionally we have dogs that don’t fit into the categories above and we’ve been known to have the odd cat or kitten!

What is the difference between FOSTERING and HOSTING?

Our Foster program is for very young puppies, sometimes with their moms; and older dogs that need extra TLC after surgery or illness. Foster periods vary but range from 2 to 10 weeks while we work to get these fosters ready for adoption.

Our Hosting program (also known as “Sleepovers”) is for healthy dogs who are already available for adoption and the Host period is one weekend, or a week during our special holiday host events.

Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

Things to consider before becoming a foster:

Do I have enough space?

Foster pups will need a space where they can eat, sleep and play. While the amount of space will increase with litter size, it is a good idea for your fosters to have their own easily cleanable space where they can be contained when you are away or they are resting.

Do I have enough time?

Each foster case is unique, however typically dogs needing time to recover require 2-3 weeks, puppies will need 4-5 weeks and moms with nursing pups will need 6-12 weeks. During this you will need to have time available to bring your foster to Saving Grace for their vaccinations, medical care and photos.

You will also need time in your day to take care of your foster, plan for feeding, bathroom breaks and cleaning, and of course the fun part lots of playing and snuggles!

People who work full time can absolutely foster, and kids and personal dogs can be a great help socializing foster pups.

Do I have enough patience?

Fostering is frequently fun and always rewarding but it’s also important to keep in mind that it requires patience and understanding. Whether it’s a shy pup that needs lots of coaxing and treats, to an exhuberant jumper, it’s a good idea to expect some accidents and bumps along the way, which is all a part of getting these pups to their forever home.

Is my whole family on board?

Talk with the other members of the family and make sure everyone is on board,.

Fostering is a group effort!

If you rent or lease your home, is your landlord on board?

Make sure your landlord is okay with you fostering a bunch of potentially boisterous, noisy, messy puppies!

Do you have existing pets?

If you already have pets, make sure the are up to date on their vaccines. We also  strongly recommend having an area that they can retreat to should they need a break.

Mama with new puppies
Puppies from Surry County

What happens next?


Fill out the foster application

Let us know you are interested in volunteering.


Attend Foster Orientation

Check our calendar for available dates once you hear from us that your application has been approved.


Prepare for your first assignment

You’ll receive a welcome letter and handbook. Get your house ready for your first guests!



Share your time and love!

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