Foster Program

Wet kisses, wagging tails, belly rubs and warm snuggles.

Fostering is all that and so much more!  Our family loves fostering for Saving Grace!  Litters of puppies, Mom and puppies, recovery dogs….each experience is unique and incredible at the same time.  The life lessons our kids are learning from fostering is endless.  It makes a mama’s heart so happy to see everyone pitch in without being asked to care for these amazing animals.  What better way to give back AS A FAMILY than taking in super cute puppies for a few weeks??? 

Saving Grace has a foster team ready to assist you with any questions you may have and are eager to get you started. For more information please send an email to 

The Saving Grace Foster Program

WHAT:   The fostering program is designed to help moms and puppies, puppies without moms, dogs recovering from surgeries or medical treatment and dogs that need a break from the farm until they are ready for adoption.  We need foster homes from 2 -10 weeks depending on the dog’s needs.  Newborn puppies will need a foster home for about 10 weeks; whereas a dog recovering from a major surgery may need 2-3 weeks.  Each dog’s situation is unique, and their fostering needs will be as well.
WHO:   Our dogs/puppies are pulled weekly from rural eastern NC shelters and our foster needs are based on those chosen.  All dogs are pulled based on temperament and disposition.
For more information on our foster program please email us!
If you can provide a safe, loving foster home for a dog or puppies please fill out our online foster application and we will be in touch!
Once the foster team will review your application and they will be in touch with next steps.  Be sure to check our calendar for the next foster orientation meeting.

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