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What is a Sleepover?

Find out how you can take a dog home for a sleepover.

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Pick a Date

We offer sleepovers most weekends.

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Pick Them Up

C’mon out and pick them up, and plan some fun!

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Bring Them Back

It’s tough, but maybe you’ll make it permanent?

Foster a Dog

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What is Fostering?

Find out what it takes to foster vulnerable dogs.

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Apply to be a Foster

Take the first steps to being a foster.

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Attend a Foster Orientation

We’ll share more details after you submit your application.


Accept an Assignment

There’s someone out there waiting for you!

Adopt from Saving Grace

Happy Tails

Stories shared by happy adopters

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What is it like to Adopt?

Understand what it is like to adopt a shelter dog.
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Apply to Adopt

Once you understand what it takes, apply!
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Take Them Home

Pick them up, and stop at the Supply Co to stock up!
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Love Them!

Here’s some tips and tricks for establishing an incredible relationship!

Get Involved


Learn about all the different volunteer opportunities available from spending time with the dogs outside to sitting at a computer helping with administrative projects.


Learn about our two types of foster dogs in the Saving Grace Program: puppies and dogs needing time to recover.


Host a dog for a weekend giving dogs a much needed break from the farm and proving you a fun and fullfilling weekend.



Visit us at the Saving Grace Supply Company for all your dog’s needs!

Meet Our Dogs

Your new best friend might just be waiting to meet you!

About Saving Grace

Meet Molly Goldston

Founder of Saving Grace


Meet Our Pack

Here’s who makes things happen!

Saving Grace Cottage

Saving Grace Cottage

A great place to stay!

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Spay/Neuter Clinic

On-site dedicated services.

Saving Grace Wake Forest

aka “The Funny Farm”
13400 Old Creedmoor Rd,
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Saving Grace Wake Forest

13400 Old Creedmoor Rd
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need any experience to be a volunteer?

No. Saving Grace is always looking for volunteers with any level of experience as long as they love animals!

Adoption - General

Why do you charge an adoption fee rather than give the animals away for free?

Dogs adopted from Saving Grace receive proper medical care and vetting before they are put up for adoption. We want to make sure we are adopting out healthy animals and providing all vet care needed – the average expense for each dog is $600 – $1,000.

foster mom and puppies
Before You Adopt

Why does my pet need to be spayed/neutered? Can I adopt an intact animal?

Spaying and neutering helps stem the tide of overpopulation. We spay and neuter all of our animals prior to adoption for a healthier animal and Saving Grace is committed to reducing the population of unwanted animals.

Before You Adopt

Are you adding a dog to a home with existing pets?

Saving Grace offers the option for owners to bring their current family dog(s) to their appointment to view the interaction between potential new additions. Saving Grace does not have an off-leash meeting area, so all interactions are done safely on leash.

Before You Adopt

Why are some dogs prepared for adoption more quickly than others?

Saving Grace works with a variety of different Veterinary practices based on the care needed for each particular animal in our program. Saving Grace works to plan in advance the care that will be needed at any particular time. Each of the practices we work with specialize in a certain type of care and assistance with various needs.

Adoption - General

What are my options if I select a heartworm-positive dog?

Saving Grace offers adopters two options if they meet and select a dog infected with heartworms. Saving Grace strives to offer these dogs the same opportunities for adoption.

Dog with skin condition
Before You Adopt

Beyond Heartworm Positive dogs – What other types of cases does Saving Grace help with?

The Saving Grace program strives to assist any animal with a wonderful temperament find a forever home despite possible medical barriers. Of course, we cannot help in every instance which is heartbreaking but if a dog can be saved, we work to find a way.

two dogs one in suitcase
Before You Adopt

Can I adopt more than one dog at my visit?

Adopters may adopt more than 1 dog at their visit, although in most cases it is not recommended.

Before You Adopt

Is there a trial period to take the pet home and see if it ‘fits’ with the family?

Saving Grace makes all efforts to make sure that a good match is made between adopters and dogs before adoption.

Volunteer with dog
Before You Adopt

Can I adopt a pet for someone else?

The person who will be caring for the pet should be the one to sign the contract and adopt. This is in the best interest of both the pet and the adopter.

Before You Adopt

Does Saving Grace offer Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) or Therapy Dogs?

While we appreciate your desire to adopt, Saving Grace is not able to provide this service and cannot guarantee that our dogs would be successful as emotional support animals.

Before You Adopt

Does Saving Grace keep a wait list for specific types of animals?

Our Saving Grace team is a small group of volunteers dedicated to helping our current group of available animals find their forever home. Our team does not have the manpower, beyond caring for this current group, to keep a running list of adopters’ specific requests. We recommend checking our website often if you’re looking for a specific type of dog.

Before You Adopt

I live out of town, does Saving Grace ship dogs?

Thank you for considering adoption through Saving Grace where we always have great dogs waiting for homes. We are happy to help out of state adopters and want to provide appropriate expectations for long distance adoption. We do not ship or offer transport for adopted dogs.

Pups having medical treatment
After You Adopt

Post-Surgical or Other Treatment Care

If your recently adopted dog has recently had surgery or other treatments prior to adoption, it is imperative that you follow post treatment guidelines for your dog’s safety and wellbeing. Please click on the links below for post care guidelines and more information.

After You Adopt

What to expect – 3 Days / 3 Weeks / 3 Months

Your new dog will be experiencing a big change joining your family – A GREAT one – but BIG. Our 3, 3, 3 timeline will give you a better idea of some of the things your new dog is experiencing.

After You Adopt

Crate and House Training

The Saving Grace team works to lay the groundwork for your new dog’s crate training. The dogs are housed in a group building and crated for periods throughout the day each day and overnight. Crating in your home will be different as there is not a group of other crated dogs for companionship.

After You Adopt

Key Ingredients for Success

Committing to training and diet/health are the two best investments you can make for your new companion. Dogs are not impressed by fancy bowls, collars beds etc. – spend your savings where it counts!

After You Adopt

Things That May Be New to Your Dog

Dogs that have not been largely indoor members of a family home prior to joining Saving Grace may not have experienced some of what most pet owners consider “normal” everyday activities.

After You Adopt

Common Concerns with Newly Adopted Dogs

Remember, chances are that just about everything they encounter will be “new” to your new pet when you get them home. Some will adapt easily – others may display some signs of stress or anxiety.

After You Adopt

Helping dogs integrate with current family pets

Dogs are pack animals, and in most cases, enjoy the company of others of their species. Many dogs are able to cohabitate with other types of animals. Here are some tips and tricks for helping them all get along.


I have a bunch of supplies to donate. Where and when can I drop them off?

For your convenience, our Donation Station is located just outside the Parking Lot Entryway and is available at all times. We ask you do not drop them anywhere else on property.

Dog not eating
After You Adopt

What Should You Do if Your New Dog Won’t Eat?

Is your new dog refusing to eat? Read on for some tips.

Volunteers sitting on steps with dogs

Do you sign off on service hours?

While we appreciate those that would like to use Saving Grace as their place to complete required service hours, we are really looking for more long term committed volunteers since training and mentorship is required.

Group of volunteers at Saving Grace

Do you participate in group volunteer events?

We do participate in group volunteer events. Read on for more details!

dog shaking head in snow

Are you really working 365 days?

Our dogs need care every day and so while Adoptions and other areas like the clinic may be closed, volunteers are needed 365 days a year.

Adoption - General, Donations

How much does it cost to care for a dog?

Proper care is more than just feeding and providing shelter for an animal; it also includes medical care, housing, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, grounds upkeep, etc.

Dogs being transported to Saving Grace

Do I need to turn in proof of tetanus?

Yes, proof of current tetanus is required by all volunteers.


Do I need to go thru a mentor session if I only plan to do administrative work or other jobs not working with the dogs directly?

Everyone has to go through the mentoring session no matter what type of volunteering they will do.


Will I get to walk the dogs, play with the dogs or do basic training?

While there is plenty of opportunity to love on and provide affection to our animals, tasks and chores need to be completed during the shift hours.


Can someone under 18 years old volunteer?

Volunteers need to be 18 years or older to participate in shift and most on-site activities.


Why do you want a 6-month volunteer commitment?

Saving Grace is fully manned by volunteers and the animals daily care depends on the consistency and regularity of our volunteer community. Saving Grace is committed to their training and mentorship to ensure that the animals are well taken care of each day. So we look for volunteers interested in a long-term commitment for consistency and efficiency.

Logo of robeson co hub

Can I volunteer at your Robeson County location?

Yes! Please visit our Robeson County page for more details.


Can I walk in anytime to see your facility?

The Saving Grace program is a combination of foster homes and an adoption facility located at a private residence. In order to focus on adoptions, adoption appointments are scheduled by appointment during hours when adoption counselors are available.

Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

If daily dog care isn’t for me, what other volunteer opportunities do you offer?

We need you! Even if daily dog care isn’t your calling, complete a mentoring session to learn how we can use your skills.

Sleeping pups Pups wore out from greeting visitors

What do I need to have on hand to host a sleepover?

A crate, a leash and some food – we can help if needed!


Which dogs go into the Saving Grace Weekend Host Program?

Many dogs are available for sleepovers – especially those that have been at the farm for awhile!

Dog heading out for a sleepover

Can I pick the dog I want to host?

Dogs available for weekend host are pre-selected for which dogs will benefit most from the time in a home.

An older dog

Can I keep my host dog longer than just the weekend?

Most host sleepovers are just for the weekend as the dogs need to be at the farm during the week to have the best opportunity for adoption.


What if my host dog becomes sick?

Please be in touch with the host team as soon as you feel something isn’t right with your dog. They will advise you on next best steps for getting your host dog back to us for treatment. Please do not go to your own vet unless you are willing to cover costs yourself.


Can I take the dog out of town?

Dogs owned by Saving Grace need to stay in the area in case something comes up and they need to be returned onsite.


Can I host a dog if I don’t live in the Wake Forest area?

Yes, but we do ask that you are within 1 hour driving time to our location in case any emergencies arise with you or the dog.


What supplies will Saving Grace give to weekend host families?

We are happy to provide a crate, leash and will harness the dog before he or she leaves with you.


What if I decide to adopt my dog, will I get a discount for hosting?

As much as we would like to give discounts, especially to our wonderful weekend hosts, we can’t do this and cover costs for spaying/neutering, heartworm treatments, monthly preventions and medications, housing and food for all the dogs in the program.

Dog kissing girl
Adoption - General, Sleepovers

What if I fall in love with my host dog and want to adopt?

We have a process for that and the adoptions team will be happy to assist! Please contact the host team as soon as you commit to adopting your host dog.

Bobbie resting in his crate

Do I have to use a crate with my host dog?

For the safety and security of your home and the dog you are hosting we highly recommend that whenever you are unable to supervise the dog, it should be crated.

Smiling bulldog

Will Saving Grace pay for any damage a host dog does to my carpet or furniture?

In accordance with the host agreement you have signed, we can’t be responsible for any damage done by the dog to any personal property. We do try to guide you in best practices to ensure you have a successful host weekend.


What are the most important things to teach my host dog?

The time you spend teaching your dog to sit, greet others politely and walk on a leash is invaluable to the dog’s adoptability. Some dogs may need help and patience with other things such as consistent potty training or nervousness. Positive, human interactions, praise and love will increase the confidence of your shelter dog.


Can I get follow-up information about the adopter to find out how my host dog is doing in his/her permanent home?

For reasons of privacy we can’t give out contact information. We encourage our adopters, however, to submit “Happy Tails” stories and pictures on our Saving Grace website.


Are all the Saving Grace dogs up to date on vaccines and preventatives?

Yes. All dogs have all required vaccines and boosters and are started on preventative treatment for fleas/ticks and heartworm upon coming on site and into our program.


Can I give my host dog a bath?

Yes – but only if the dog has not recently (within the last 10 days) had surgery. The incision must remain dry to heal properly. In some cases, sponge baths are ok as well if the site stays dry.


Can I bring my dog to pick up to make sure they get along?

We don’t recommend this as there is too much going on at Saving Grace in our parking lot area for it to be a good place for dogs to meet. It is an anxious environment with new people and things happening and multiple Saving Grace dogs being moved out during this time.


How much does medical care cost for a dog that comes to Saving Grace?

Every animal brought into the Saving Grace Program requires some level of medical care. Whether its general intake fees or a procedure requiring long term care, we try to provide to as many as possible. The reality of the countless who are left behind holds true. Our wonderful shelter partners are limited to what medical care, if any, they can provide. Unfortunately, the expense of medical care may dictate the animals future.

SG Supply Drive

1 – What kinds of supplies do you need?

We are always in need of supplies to help us continue with our mission. The large storage shed is always open to drop off much needed supplies!

After You Adopt

How can I help my dog if they have separation anxiety?

Some pets show distress when separated from family members.  It isn’t clear exactly what causes separation anxiety – some pets may be genetically predisposed, or it may be a learned behavior. Either way, there are things that you can do to help prevent separation anxiety, and ways to lessen the anxiety when you’r not there.


What is the difference between Fostering and Hosting?

Our Foster program is for very young puppies, sometimes with their moms; and older dogs that need extra TLC after surgery or illness. Foster periods vary but range from 2 to 10 weeks while we work to get these fosters ready for adoption. Our Hosting program is for healthy dogs who are already available for adoption and the Host period is one weekend, or a week during our special holiday host events.

Foster puppies looking through fence

What dogs are available to foster?

The dogs in the foster program are puppies under six months, everything from single pups, pairs all the way up to large litters.

Little boy with foster dogs

For how long will I have a foster dog?

We need foster homes from 2-10 weeks depending on the dog’s needs. Newborn puppies will need a foster home for about 10 weeks; whereas a dog recovering from a surgery may need 2-3 weeks. Each dog’s situation is unique, and their fostering needs will be as well.

Chandler says hello from Saving Grace
Adoption - General, After You Adopt

Why do I have to agree to share my information with Boehringer-Ingelheim (BI)?

Saving Grace is in partnership with Boehringer-Ingelheim (BI) and participate in their free preventatives program.

Adoption - General

What happens if I need a copy of the adoption record for my dog after adoption?

If you need copies of your records after Adoption has already taken place, we charge a $25 Administrative Fee that must be paid by credit card prior to the records being pulled from archives and copies sent.

Adoption - General, After You Adopt

What should I do if I would like to return my dog?

Returns are appointment only and must be set up ahead of time. Please begin communicating with the adoptions team at as soon as you are considering a return to begin the conversation.


Can I support Saving Grace through planned giving or a will?

Yes! There are many ways to leave a legacy for Saving Grace.


2 – What kinds of supplies do you NOT accept?

We do not accept mattresses, pillows, cushions, foam, rugs, carpets, shower curtains, Any clothing or Homemade dog toys.

Tax Form image

Are drop off donations tax deductible?

Yes.  Donation receipts for tax purposes are available on the inside of the shed’s door

Spark Good Logo

What is the Walmart Spark Good Program?

A Spark Good Registry is like a wedding registry or a baby registry. Browse through the list of much needed items and see if there is something you can help with. Anything is appreciated. All purchased items can be shipped directly to us which saves you time and money!


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