Frequently Asked Questions


What supplies are most needed?

We are always in need of supplies to help us continue with our mission. The large storage shed is always open to drop off much needed supplies!

 Supplies We Need

  • Kitchen Trash Bags – 13 gallon
  • Contractor Trash Bags – 55 gallon
  • Used blankets and towels
  • Fleece and wool blankets
  • Canned dog food
  • Harris Teeter Gift cards (we use for hot dogs and cheese to give meds)

Items We DO NOT Accept

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Foam
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Shower curtains
  • Any clothing
  • Homemade dog toys

Other Options

Here is an easy way to help our animals – shopping for them from the comfort of your own home! We keep an ongoing list of important and much needed items on our Amazon Wish List. Make your choice, pay for it, and it will be delivered directly to Saving Grace!

How much does medical care cost for a dog that comes to Saving Grace?

Every animal brought into the Saving Grace Program requires some level of medical care. Whether its general intake fees or a procedure requiring long term care, we try to provide to as many as possible. The reality of the countless who are left behind holds true. Our wonderful shelter partners are limited to what medical care, if any, they can provide. Unfortunately, the expense of medical care may dictate the animals future. Help us save more!

These are some of the average medical costs we routinely face. Consider what a difference any amount makes to some who may otherwise never get a chance and give!

New Dog Intake ($67.00)

Every Dog that comes to Saving Grace is met by our Intake Team. They provide a warm welcome, a Heartworm test, treatment for parasites, and vaccines to prevent further illness.

Parasite Prevention ($36.00)

Saving Grace dogs are kept up to date on heartworm, flea and tick preventatives each month they are in the program.

Heartworm Treatment ($440.00)

Saving Grace is able to provide life saving care to dogs who test heartworm positive. This is an expensive medical treatment but dogs can recover successful with proper care.

Surgery ($927.00)

Thanks to the wonderful Veterinarians and medical fosters who partner with Saving Grace. We are able to provide lifesaving surgeries for dogs that would otherwise have no place to go. This includes dogs requiring eye surgery, dentals, amputations and other critical surgeries.

Spay/Neuter ($125.00)

North Carolina is one of the top three states in the nation for euthanasia from over population. Saving Grace works directly with the counties with the highest intake and greatest needs for spay/neuter and adoption. Consider the difference you can make in helping reduce our overpopulation.

How much does it cost to care for a dog?

A small donation can save a life…..will you commit to helping us?

Ever thought about how much it costs to care for a dog? Proper care is more than just feeding and providing shelter for an animal; it also includes medical care, housing, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, grounds upkeep, etc.

At Saving Grace, we think our dogs are pretty lucky. They don’t go to a shelter or kennel; they come home! During their stay with us, we provide food, exercise and most importantly, love. Now, the love and attention are free by a small army of dedicated volunteers, but we do incur lots of costs for their daily upkeep.

Many of these animals have never had medical care, so one of the first steps is providing them proper treatment and addressing health issues. Talk to any veterinarian about the costs of treating animals – especially those that Saving Grace has rescued. The list is very long – but we do this not only for the benefit of our animals but also for your peace of mind. You can be assured that the animal you adopt has had the best care possible.

Though we are sure the dogs would like to roam free all day and night, we have several fenced in areas for the dogs to have quality time outside. As good as this is some of these dogs still want to get out, so we have to make sure fences, gates, and nighttime sleeping arrangements are all maintained to keep the dogs safe. Grounds maintenance is a daily affair on the farm and imperative to the health and well-being of the dogs entrusted in to our care.

Shelter, Food, Comfort and Care for 80+ Dogs every month/365 Days a Year

To address all these costs, we do charge an adoption fee of $375. Even though we are a 501-C3(b) organization (which makes your donation tax deductible), we do not receive state assistance or regular, substantial donations like other local animal shelters. Saving Grace depends 100% on private donations to keep our doors opened.

The adoption fee only covers a fraction of the cost to care for the dogs in the manner they deserve, so we need your donations to help us continue our work. Sometimes these animals are with us for quite a while before they are adopted, which means it may be some time before we can collect an adoption fee to help off-set expenses. Since our organization has a solid reputation in the state for helping abandoned and neglected animals, we often are asked to take puppies from puppy mills when they are shut down. These animals specifically are with us for weeks and often times months before we can offer them up to good homes. Saving Grace is at the ready to help any dog in need, and without groups like ours these animals would have nowhere to go.

We know a financial contribution of any amount is a big deal. We don’t take that for granted.

We value our loyal donors and want you to know these monies go right to use saving and caring for the dogs we rescue throughout eastern North Carolina. The generosity of people like you is the reason we can continue this life saving work, rehabilitating discarded and abandoned animals into amazing family members.

Won’t you consider helping us on an ongoing basis with a monthly donation? A small amount can save a life and these dogs deserve only the best life has to offer.

Puppy getting medical exam
Rescue dogs at airport

I have a bunch of supplies to donate. Where and when can I drop them off?

Thank you for your donation! It will go a long way in helping so many dogs in need. For your convenience, our Donation Station is located just outside the Parking Lot Entryway and is available at all times. We ask you do not drop them anywhere else on property.

Saving Grace Supply Drop-Off Location

How do I designate Saving Grace as My Amazon Smile Charity?

To setup Saving Grace as your Amazon Smile charity:

Go to:

  • Login with your amazon username and password
  • Click: Accounts & Lists
  • Click: Your AmazonSmile
  • Check ‘Your Current Charity’ – if it’s not Saving Grace then:
    • Click ‘Change Charity’ button
    • In the box “Or pick your own charitable organization” type:
    • Click “Search” button
    • Result is: “Saving Grace Animals for Adoption Inc. Wake Forest NC”
    • Click Select
  • That’s it.  Now every time you shop on amazon, use the URL: (rather than and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Saving Grace

Host a Dog Sleepover

Step 1 What is a Sleepover?

Find out more about our Sleepover program.

Step 2 Pick a Date

Sign up for each time you'd like to have a Sleepover guest.

Step 3 Pick them up

Pick up your sleepover guest, and find fun things to do!

Step 4 Bring them back

It is tough to let them go, but maybe they'll become a permanent member of your home!

Foster a Dog

Step 1 Understand what it takes

Fostering isn't for everyone. Could it be a good fit for you?

Step 2
Apply to become a foster

Show your interest and let us get the process started

Step 3 Attend a Foster Orientation

Pick a session from the calendar to find out more about the program.

Step 4
Accept an Assignment

Taking them home is just the beginning. Your pup will need lots of patience and TLC!

Adopt from Saving Grace

Happy Tails

Stories shared by happy adopters

Step 1 Understand the responsibility

Make sure you understand how adopting a new pet will impact your life.

Step 2
Apply to adopt

Start the formal process that will get you an appointment to meet available dogs.

Step 3 Take them home

Once we all agree you've found your new pet, pay the adoption fee and take them home (after stopping at the Supply Co)!

Step 4
Love them!

Taking them home is just the beginning. Your pup will need lots of patience and TLC!

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Volunteer for Saving Grace

Step 1 Explore our volunteer options

Step 4 Attend a mentor session

Step 2 Fill out the application form

Step 5 Sign up for shifts/tasks

Step 3 Attend volunteer orientation

Step 6 Keep coming back!

We Need Fosters!

Not all our dogs are ready to stay at the Funny Farm – our Fosters help get them ready for adoption!

Host a Dog for a weekend

Will you take a deserving dog for the weekend to give them a break from the Funny Farm?

Donate Dollars

Every dollar donated to Saving Grace helps us help more dogs find forever homes.

Donate Supplies

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Shop the supply co.

Other ways to give:

Donate to Dogs in Need of Medical Support

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