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What is Fostering?

Find out what it takes to foster vulnerable dogs.

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Learn about all the different volunteer opportunities available from spending time with the dogs outside to sitting at a computer helping with administrative projects.


Learn about our two types of foster dogs in the Saving Grace Program: puppies and dogs needing time to recover.


Host a dog for a weekend giving dogs a much needed break from the farm and proving you a fun and fullfilling weekend.



Visit us at the Saving Grace Supply Company for all your dog’s needs!

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Saving Grace Cottage

Saving Grace Cottage

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On-site dedicated services.

Saving Grace Wake Forest

aka “The Funny Farm”
13400 Old Creedmoor Rd,
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Saving Grace Wake Forest

13400 Old Creedmoor Rd
Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

Every Day Matters, Every Gift Counts

Nov 11, 2023

As we approach Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, a global day of charitable giving, I want to thank you for being a supporter of Saving Grace. Whether you adopt, donate, foster, volunteer, read our newsletters or follow us on social media (or all of the above), your support as a community is deeply felt and appreciated. Your faith in our mission has sustained us for nearly 20 years and we are grateful.

We know that every dog, no matter their breed, age, or background, deserves love, care, and a chance at a better life. Countless dogs find themselves in dire situations, abandoned, abused, or homeless. In NC, with one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country, and especially in rural areas with few adopters, these dogs are at risk every day. This is where we step in to be their lifeline; their Saving Grace. We ensure they receive proper medical care, vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered to reduce overpopulation. Dogs are given the chance to heal, to learn to trust again, and prepare for new lives in permanent, loving homes.

We’ve shared many stories of dogs in need, rescued from a life of neglect and suffering. And because of your generosity, they undergo incredible transformations. It is awe-inspiring to witness the resilience and spirit of these dogs as they regain their trust in humanity and their ability to love and be loved in return.

On Thanksgiving, on Giving Tuesday, and throughout the giving season, we have the power to make a difference in the world. Our actions can have a profound impact. Your donations, whether big or small, can directly contribute to saving and improving the lives of countless dogs. Your donation can provide food, shelter, and medical care for a dog in need. It can give a scared, abused dog the chance to learn to trust again. It can help a senior dog find a warm and loving home to rest in. Your generosity can make all the difference in the world to these animals.

Because every day matters and every gift counts, please consider making your donation recurring. By setting up a recurring gift, you provide a steady source of support that allows us to plan for the long term, knowing we have the resources needed to save more lives, every single day. It means that the dogs in our care have a brighter future, and it allows us to expand our reach, rescuing more dogs in need.

Molly with dogs
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