Angels watching over us


Willie came to Saving Grace ready for a new start. He came from a life of neglect and long term poor nutrition and had a heavy parasite infestation, but Saving Grace saw the potential in Willie to be a loving companion and to have the life he deserved with love and caring.
Willie began putting on weight, growing his coat back and thriving on the heartworm treatment he received but then in a turn of fate he started to lose weight and began growing lumps. Sadly, Willie had cancer and left us before being adopted. Willie didn’t die a family companion but at least he didn’t die neglected, and those who knew him here at Saving Grace grieve for him. Willie was a good dog, and he didn’t die unnoticed or unloved – he was worth the chance just to know him.


This is Cosmo Wall. The kids changed his name from “Amigo” to name him after the puppy on Fairly Odd Parents, a show they watched as kids.

He was a very smart little Jack-Chi that we adopted from Saving Grace on November 7, 2004 when he was about 8 or 9 months old. He immediately became a very important family member and traveled with us wherever we would go. Unfortunately, Cosmo was born with a heart defect and had to be on 3 different heart medications, twice a day, for the past 4 to 5 years of his life but he remained a typical high energy Jack-Chi with loads of personality and humor until he started going through congestive heart failure.

We lost him on August 15, 2013 and he will always be in our hearts.


Frankie was my sweet foster failure. He was my first attempt at fostering, but it was only a week before I realized how very special he was and I couldn’t let him go. He traveled everywhere we went, always happy to be by my side. Frankie had one eye removed and had a cataract on his “good” eye. He made it through two eye surgeries and had good eye sight for about two years before he developed glaucoma and slowly lost most of his sight again. In spite of all his eye issues he was a very happy boy. Unfortunately he had a heart murmur which lead to heart failure. He was only with us for four years but for those four years he was the love of my life and I miss him every day.


Eight years ago we adopted a beautiful chocolate cocker who we named Lily. From the moment we got her, we all knew she was one special dog. Her caramel eyes never left my side. From the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I went to sleep, she always watched over me. Often scampering from room to room to find me ,just to make sure that I was okay. She was affectionately known as my shadow.Gentle ,peaceful, beautiful, contemplative little soul. We always knew she was our wise one. She was our peace in the chaos of life. Soul mate, loyal friend and constant companion, our Lil was truly the best of the best. No doubt about it, Lily truly rescued me.


Right around Christmas several years ago, we adopted an approximately 4 year old tri color small 13 inch Saving Grace beagle that you called Crystal. She was an escape artist and was, in fact, next door at the building supply company when we arrived to meet. She also had a bebe in her head but the vet told us to leave it as it did not appear to be causing her a problem. We adopted a second beagle and named them  Minnie and Mickey. Minnie was in charge although she was the smaller of the two. About four years ago Minnie had back surgery at NC State Vet School to clean out some disks and she did unbelievably well! It was like a new lease on life for her although we did curtail her use of steps to prolong her good health for as long as possible. Unfortunately this December 9th we had to put Miss Minnie to sleep. She had tumors in her nasal passages and was in tremendous pain! We could not stand to see her suffer and there was no cure! We had nine wonderful years with Minnie and she was the smartest dog we have ever had!!! Thank you for sharing her with us!!

Fondly, Jill, Barry and Mickey Grosman

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