Update for adoption appointments Nov 23 through Dec 7

To say we have been busy this year is an understatement!

We are currently in the process of addressing some much needed repairs and deep cleaning at the farm.

We have very limited adoption appointments from November 23rd- December 7th.

We appreciate the support of those in our community who have opened their homes to one of our shelter dogs during this time.

We will continue offering care to animals in need but they will not be available for adoption until after December 7th.

We look forward to working with our adopters to find a wonderful new family member when we reopen for adoptions.

Adoption appointments during COVID

We are working with a very limited staff/volunteer base. 

An as much as we would love nothing more than to provide timely responses to emails/calls and personal adoption counselors, we just don’t have the manpower to facilitate this right now. Basic care for the animals is our priority and we know you understand!

If you are ready to meet a variety of available dogs and puppies, please send in an adoption request and schedule a visit.

Our appointments are limited to 2 people at a time and for a max of 30 minutes.

Some of our dogs are with foster families to help us with the number we can care for onsite and we can not guarantee specific dogs will be available at your visit. We bring in new dogs every week needing the opportunity for adoption and have a lot of great ones to choose from and we can not keep up with posting them all on the website at this time.

We do have a variety of great dogs available and encourage our adopters to visit and be open to meet dogs available at that time.

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