Am I ready to Adopt?

Choosing to add a pet to your household takes careful research and planning. A pet requires more than  adequate food, water and shelter. This is an important decision so take your time before deciding to bring a cat, dog or any small animal into your home. 

Having a pet is a long term commitment.

Your pet will be with you for many years, so you must think carefully and seriously before choosing to become a pet owner. Pets bond deeply with their humans and will quickly become a member of your family. Adopting means making a life-long commitment which may last 10-15 years for a dog and perhaps 15-20 years for a cat. Some birds and reptiles have even longer lifespans!

Caring for this animal must remain a priority even when your life changes. Consider your pet(s) when you redecorate your home, take a new job, move to a different city or decide on changing your family status.

Pets depend on you to look after their health and safety. Proper veterinary care, healthy food and fresh water, toys and other items are needed for their comfort and welfare.

I’m ready to start the process!

Want to find out more about adopting?


STEP 1: Understand the responsibility

Make sure you understand how adopting a pet will impact your life.

STEP 2: Fill out our adoption request form

STEP 3: Take them home

Once we agree you’ve found your new pet, pay your adoption fee, and take them home!

STEP 4: Love them forever!

We have some great resources to help smooth the transition, and keep your pup happy and healthy!

Need a place to Stay? Saving Grace Cottage is nearby!

Are you ready for a dog?

When considering adding a pet – especially a dog – to your home, there are some commitments and sacrifices you need to be willing to make, including but not limited to:

  • Taking your dog for a walk at least twice a day for 30 minutes.
  • Going for walks even when it is raining.
  • Going for walks even when you really don’t feel like it.
  • Cleaning up after your new pet in your home.
  • Engaging in stimulating activities with your dog – giving attention, throwing balls, belly rubs, walks, etc.
  • Coordinating pet care when you travel.
  • Taking financial responsibility for regular vet checks, emergency vet visits, preventatives, food, beds, bowls, leashes and other supplies.
  • Making a 10-12 year commitment depending on breed and age of dog at adoption.
  • Making a commitment to training and meeting your dogs needs.

Special Considerations for Shelter Dogs

Shelter dogs are special creatures – they may have come from a very difficult situation and need lots of love and patience.

  • Most come in as strays, so we do not know anything about their background. In addition, they may:
    • Have never walked on or seen a leash.
    • Have never spent time in a crate.
    • Have never had a regular meal.
    • Have never had to potty outside or learn where to potty.
    • Have never had a dog bed or the safety of a home.
    • Have never had consistent human interaction.
  • For many, they are learning or relearning everything
  • They need consistency, routine, training, grace and lots of love.

There is no crate-trained, potty-trained, walk on leash-trained, house-trained shelter dog. You will have to invest time and energy toward creating positive routines and consistent expectations.

In addition to being shelter dogs, many of our dogs have additional needs:


Puppies are cute, but can be noisy, messy, and a bit destructive until they get some training and grow up a bit. Are you and your family up for this kind of challenge?

Older Dogs

A dog who is beyond its puppy phase can be a great option for many situations. Most have outgrown their pupy habits and ay already be housebroken and mostly adjusted to people and home life.

Heartworm-Positive Dogs

Many dogs that come to Saving Grace have heartworms. After Saving Grace's heartworm regimen, these dogs make great, healthy pets!

Dogs with Physical Challenges

A dog may have an injury or medical condition that can be treated or repaired.

I think I'm ready - let me start the process

Return policy

We understand sometimes an adoption doesn't work out and we will take back our adopted dogs. We are here to support you in this process and need you to partner with us and begin communicating early if there are any concerns. Each return is handled on a case-by-case basis. The more information you can provide for us, the better decisions we can make about his/her viability within our program.

Please follow these steps:

  • Begin email communications with the Adoptions team as soon as possible. (
  • Request and receive a scheduled, confirmed appointment to return your dog.
  • Complete a relinquish form and bring with you:
    • the original medical sheet
    • adoption packet including rabies vaccination certificates and tags and microchip information
    • UPDATED medical record information from your vet
  • Remember- a partial refund of your adoption fee in the amount of $295 is offered within 7 days.

Please note: While we accept our adopted dogs back, we will not knowingly place aggressive animals into another home. In these instances the dog will be fully evaluated and observed once returned before acclimating back into our program.

FAQs to Consider Before Adopting

Meet Our Dogs!

These are some of our dogs currently available at Saving Grace in Wake Forest, NC. They are just waiting for you to give them the wonderful home they deserve. Click on their picture to learn more about each one.

Don’t see exactly what your looking for? New dogs are arriving at the farm everyday. It can take several days for their profiles to be completed and added to our site.

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