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Saving Grace began in 2004 at a private residence and farm to bring adoptable dogs and loving homes together.  North Carolina is one of the highest states for euthanasia in the country and our mission is to make an impact. Since beginning, we’ve placed over 30,000 animals, however the task is still daunting.

Saving Grace partners with shelters with extremely limited resources where euthanasia rates are high across North Carolina to find adoptable dogs that just need a ‘second chance.’ We also take a lot of dogs in need of critical care or in dire situations from them as well.

Animals are chosen based on their adoptability as successful family members and Saving Grace strives to provide a more natural and non-traditional shelter environment for dogs to interact with others and exhibit their natural behaviors while awaiting their forever homes. Our Funny Farm setting allows adopters to mingle and interact with a variety of dogs and choose a new companion based on temperament and suitability for their home and family. 

Saving Grace is operated in majority by a hardworking and dedicated volunteer and foster base. This team is dedicated to finding an ever-changing but always special group of dogs an equally special family like yours.

From intake to adoption, dogs are cared for by a support system of committed fosters and volunteers.  Volunteer roles include everything from transportation, daily care, medical care, and everything in between to get them ready for adoption.

    How it Works

    Step 1:  Identify the dogs to rescue

    We work with our shelter partners to bring back dogs who are ready to be adoption candidates for our program.

    Puppy at Yellowtail Event
    Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

    Step 2: Transport the dogs to Saving Grace

    Once the team selects dogs to come to Saving Grace, our transport team gets on the road to bring them to Wake Forest.

    Step 3: Complete medical treatment and vetting

    Most of the dogs we find in the shelters have not had proper medical treatment.

    All animals that com into our program are spayed or neutered.  neutered. They receive vaccinations, deworming, microchips, and anything else required to make them a successful adoption candidate. We have a heartworm treatment protocol for any dog that tests positive and most of our heartworm positive dogs recover and go on to live happy lives.

    Puppy at Yellowtail Event
    Puppy at Yellowtail Event

    Step 4: Finding their fur-ever home!

    Once our dogs have completed their vetting they are available for adoption. Most of our dogs are located on our website although we often have more on site than listed. Once the paperwork is complete, adopters are invited out to the farm to meet with an adoption counselor and potential matches.

    Step 5: Adoption follow-up

    We always love hearing from alumnae with the Happy Tails, make sure you send us your pictures and updates which we like to post on our social media pages.

    Molly and team saving dogs from Robeson County (from the Robesonian)

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    Saving Grace Cottage

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    Saving Grace Wake Forest

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    13400 Old Creedmoor Rd,
    Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

    Saving Grace Wake Forest

    13400 Old Creedmoor Rd
    Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

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