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Saving Grace Animals for Adoption is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Officially established in 2004, Saving Grace has placed over 22,000 dogs into homes since its inception. Saving Grace 501(c)(3)

Saving Grace is a private shelter that serves homeless animals across the rural part of NC and beyond. Established in 2004 at a private residence and farm the main goal to serve the most in need areas and animals in our state. Animals come from areas with extremely limited resources options. Dogs coming to Saving Grace often have no alternative opportunities for a future as Saving Grace strives to assist counties and areas most in need with some of the highest euthanasia rates in the country. The large majority of these underserved animals arrive at Saving Grace with limited to no prior medical care. As a non-profit, Saving Grace relies solely on donations to provide this much needed medical care and housing in order to make adoption possible for these many animals. 


Saving Grace strives to provide a more natural and non-traditional shelter environment for dogs to interact with others and exhibit their natural behaviors while awaiting their forever homes. Our Funny Farm setting allows adopters to mingle and interact with a variety of dogs and choose a new companion based on temperament and suitability for their home and family. 


Saving Grace is operated in majority by a hardworking and dedicated volunteer and foster base. This team is dedicated to finding an ever-changing but always special group of dogs an equally special family like yours. If you are interested in learning more about joining our team, click here 

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