What were we up to this week?

  • Another round of puppies were spayed and neutered
  • Our new retail store can help you out with those last minute holiday gifts for furry friends and humans!
  • Many dogs are spending the holidays with their extended weekend hosts
  • 76 dogs were adopted this week

Read on for more details.

Meet some of our new dogs

Puppy spay and neuters, surgeries, dogs in need of extra TLC due to neglect, and heartworm positive dogs in need of treatment were part of our week.

To show you what a difference your donations make, read on for the update on Hercules – a puppy currently getting the care he needs in one of our foster homes.

The foster family’s update:

Hercules is celebrating two weeks in recovery! His swelling is all gone, his skin is healing beautifully, and he is acting like a puppy. He losing his big baby teeth and is waiting patiently for the tooth fairy to bring some teething toys. We’ve been working on sit all week and he is starting to get it. Perhaps next week he will have it mastered.
We have a little ways to go to get to rough and tumble. His skin is still sensitive and itches enough that he creates a new break from time to time. A lot of fur has started coming back in with a few bald spots left on his feet where then worst of the swelling was. Overall, his skin is a little too pink, but far far far from red. He is still getting regular baths and going though his course of antibiotics. We expect just as much improvement though the end of next week. 



Help us help more dogs like Hercules.  Make your end of year donation today!

Supply Company

Have you visited Saving Grace’s retail store yet?

You can get your Saving Grace 2020 calendars and planners and so much more here!

All proceeds from sales will go directly back into the Saving Grace program to continue improving the lives of dogs in need.

Our location is just 2 miles from Saving Grace at 4016 Durham Rd, Raleigh, NC 27614.

Store hours are Monday- Friday from 11am – 8:00pm and Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00pm.

A few of the dogs that came into the store recently to pick out their new supplies…

Shelter Rescues and Fosters

  • Matchmaking by our adoption team to adopt out 76 dogs and puppies
  • So many dogs are spending the holiday week with extended-weekend hosts
  • Our adoptable dogs, including Heifer pictured here, want to help you ring in the new year!
  • Our volunteers helped get another round of puppies spayed and neutered


Upcoming events

Check out our calendar for the full list of upcoming events!

Still trying to figure out the perfect holiday present for the dog lover in your life? Buy them tickets for Paint it Forward with Saving Grace on February 1 at Wine & Design!  This is a BYOB, paint your pet party complete with adoptable Saving Grace pups to meet!

And our last open house of the year was a resounding success.  One example of our phenomenal supporters:

Meet Ganayia and her brother. Ganayia raise $300 all on her own as a school project. She came out to the Open House today to hand deliver her donation. Thank you so much Ganayia for caring about our pups! You are awesome!!



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