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Monetary donations are always appreciated, but we need supplies just the same. Check out our wish list on Amazon.com. It makes buying us what we need a breeze.

Donate now and save a dog!

Save a Life With a Small Donation

Ever thought about how much it costs to care for a dog properly? Proper care is more than just feeding and housing an animal; it also includes medical care, housing, housing maintenance, etc.

At Saving Grace, our dogs are lucky. They do not go to a shelter or kennel. They come home! Many of these animals have never had medical care, so one of the first steps is providing them proper medical care and addressing any health issues. During their stay, we provide food, exercise and love. Now, the love and attention are free and often given by volunteers to our organization, but we do have to incur cost for the food and maintenance of their home. Though we are sure the dogs would like to roam free all day and night, we do have several fenced in areas for the dogs to have quality time outside. Some of these dogs still want to get out, so we have to make sure that the fences, gates, and the nighttime sleeping arrangements are all maintained to keep these dogs at home. Maintaining our property is a daily affair.

To address all of these costs, we do charge an adoption fee. Even though we are a 501-C3(b) organization (which makes your donation tax deductible), we do not receive state assistance or regular, substantial donations like some local animal shelters. Saving Grace depends on private donors. The adoption fee we receive only covers a portion of the cost to care for these dogs in the manner that they deserve, so we need your donations to help us continue our work. Sometimes these animals are with us for quite awhile before they are adopted, which means that it may be some time before we could collect an adoption fee to help with the expenses. Since our organization has a solid reputation in the state for helping with animals, we often are asked to take puppies from puppy mills when they are shut down. These animals specifically are with us for quite awhile before we can offer them to good homes. Our family is glad to help any dog in need, and without groups like ours these animals would have no other options.

We know that money is always tight in any family, but we ask that you consider making a donation to our family to help these dogs, who have no one else to count on but us. We welcome donations of any size or of specific dog-related items. You can make a secure donation right through our website with PayPal or you can send a check. If you have any other questions about donations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We cannot thank all of our donors enough. These donations go to use right away to help dogs here, and without our donors, we would not be able to save these dogs, bring them home to get better, or provide such wonderful, happy pets to you and your family!

The easiest way to donate is through paypal, all major credit cards accepted. Simply click the link below!

Saving Grace is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt. Please click here to view a scan of our 501(C)(3) acceptance letter.

Other Ways To Donate

Many people enjoy making a donation as a gift or memorial. This can be very special for the dog lover in your life, or for someone who has lost a beloved pet. Please provide the contact information and Saving Grace will send a letter of acknowledgement.
Saving Grace is always in need of the following:

  • Monetary donations - medical expenses are by far our greatest expense
  • Gas cards - our van drives many miles each week to rescue dogs and take dogs to vet appointments
  • High quality dog and puppy food - our dogs consume 1,500 lbs of dog food a month. High quality dog food is a medical necessity for many of the dogs we get.
  • Large, heavy duty trash bags
  • Stamps
  • Copy paper (letter size)
  • Paper towels
  • Pill Pockets (this is a trade name for treats that contain an edible pocket for the dog's pills - thus making it easier to get the dog to take its medicine)
  • Dog crates (both plastic and wire)
  • High Efficiency ("HE") type liquid laundry detergent
  • Used towels and blankets

Monetary donations (but please do not mail cash) can be mailed to:
Saving Grace Animals for Adoption
P.O. Box 1649
Wake Forest, NC 27588

Thanks! We depend on your donations!