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Adoptable Dogs

These are our available dogs. They are just waiting for you to give them the wonderful home they deserve. Just click a thumbnails to see more about each one.

All of our adoptable dogs are:

  • spayed/neutered
  • heart worm negative
  • up to date on all vaccines
  • on heartgard for heart worm prevention
  • on frontline for flea/insect protection
  • microchipped for their safety

Help us care for these dogs, so we can save more! To read more, head to our adoption info page. We are a non-profit organization. The money we recieve is tax detuctible, and it directly helps save more dogs! The easiest way to donate is through paypal, simply click the link below.



  • Breed: Hound
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Medium

Ok, so we do not know what you watch on television, but when we see Dante we think of those ??Locked Up? programs of the life of folks in prison. Huh you ask??? You know how they can buy all kinds of junk food and find a way to mix Honey Buns, chocolate bars, graham crackers and Cheetos to make THE most sinful of yummy concoctions? That is why! Because that is what our sinfully delicious Dante reminds us of. This 5 month old, beagle, lab, low-rider concoction is about 20 lbs now and likely to be about 40 lbs of the best ever dog when he is full grown. He has an amazingly soft white coat and adorable fawn patches and is an absolute dream of a pup who exudes puppy energy and gets along with all of his dog friends at the farm. As a young man, Dante needs a family who will help him to get and exercise and stimulation he needs to stay happy and healthy and ready for a good snuggle down nap when he is done. Dante is really quite wonderful in a crate, makes little noise and understands where he is to potty already. He is patient at meal times and does not make a fuss if it is not his turn to go outside, he just settles down, grabs some Zzz and is ready when his turn comes. Dante's only family need is one who is active and willing to commit to a puppy and continuing to help him learn all of the things needed to be a well behaved and mostly well behaved family member...he is still a puppy tho and some antics can be expected and thoroughly enjoyed as well. Singe folks, young folks, older folks and family would be lucky to snag this boy who might be sinful and delicious but still heaven sent and will not tip your scale! All puppies and dogs at Saving Grace are crate trained, have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their shots, are on heartworm preventative and have been microchipped. Their adoption fee is $350.00. Each has been carefully screened for disposition and temperament in order to provide your home with a safe companion that will enjoy life as your new family member. If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs, please e-mail a completed Adoption Application to An Application is required before setting up an appointment to meet with a foster home and potential adoptee. The Adoption Application and Adoption Contract can be downloaded from the Petfinder Homepage or our new website at or by clicking on the links below: Click here to download an adoption request today. Click here to download an adoption contract. Click to see our events! Sending an Application does not commit you to an adoption, it simply provides us with background information on potential homes. Please review our Adoption Contract before sending an Application to ensure that you will be able to provide the requirements stated in the contract. The Contract must be signed at the time of adoption. Saving Grace is a small, non-profit 501-C3 organization operated by volunteers only. Most of our animals come from rural animal control shelters where lack of space and resources limit their time and adoption possibilities. Thank you for choosing Saving Grace! We look forward to helping you find your new companion and family member. If you'd like to donate to help cover the cost of care for these wonderful dogs awaiting new homes, please click on the following link.