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Adoptable Dogs

These are our available dogs. They are just waiting for you to give them the wonderful home they deserve. Just click a thumbnails to see more about each one.

All of our adoptable dogs are:

  • spayed/neutered
  • heart worm negative
  • up to date on all vaccines
  • on heartgard for heart worm prevention
  • on frontline for flea/insect protection
  • microchipped for their safety

Help us care for these dogs, so we can save more! To read more, head to our adoption info page. We are a non-profit organization. The money we recieve is tax detuctible, and it directly helps save more dogs! The easiest way to donate is through paypal, simply click the link below.



  • Breed: Australian-Shepherd
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Medium

So, if Saving Grace offered an AG program (academically gifted), Frankie would be President of that program and sitting front row in class. Frankie is a 2 year old Aussie maybe cattle dog mix who weights about 35 lbs full grown and sports a typical Aussie coat with lovely black and white speckles in various places. A handsome boy, Frankie can't really help that he's a smarty pants, just is. As a result, while he is able to hang around the other dogs, he's more likely to be found in the yard focusing on people and looking for stimulation than rolling in a mud puddle with the other 2 year olds. Frankie is not snotty about his gifts, he's sweet and humble in all things, but just knows what he enjoys and is eager to find the home and family that can provide that. Frankie will learn He would prefer agility courses or even just being running partner over kiddie pools and tug-o-war. Don't get us wrong though, Frankie is a kid at heart but just that exceptional kind of kid who will excel at anything you put in front of him and ask for more while relishing the reinforcement and attention of his people. He will truly be a partner in life and up for any challenge or adventure offered. Frankie is confident in himself and what he can do and therefore would be fine as an only dog but could also live with another dog who shies away from too much tomfoolery as well. Frankie would settle into any kind of family quickly and make each and every day more rewarding than it ever was ??Pre-Frankie.? All puppies and dogs at Saving Grace are crate trained, have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their shots, are on heartworm preventative and have been microchipped. Their adoption fee is $350.00. Each has been carefully screened for disposition and temperament in order to provide your home with a safe companion that will enjoy life as your new family member. If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs, please e-mail a completed Adoption Application to An Application is required before setting up an appointment to meet with a foster home and potential adoptee. The Adoption Application and Adoption Contract can be downloaded from the Petfinder Homepage or our new website at or by clicking on the links below: Click here to download an adoption request today. Click here to download an adoption contract. Click to see our events! Sending an Application does not commit you to an adoption, it simply provides us with background information on potential homes. Please review our Adoption Contract before sending an Application to ensure that you will be able to provide the requirements stated in the contract. The Contract must be signed at the time of adoption. Saving Grace is a small, non-profit 501-C3 organization operated by volunteers only. Most of our animals come from rural animal control shelters where lack of space and resources limit their time and adoption possibilities. Thank you for choosing Saving Grace! We look forward to helping you find your new companion and family member. If you'd like to donate to help cover the cost of care for these wonderful dogs awaiting new homes, please click on the following link.