Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

Hello, Molly and everyone at Saving Grace! I love my new family! They give me a lot of love and treats and toys and they rub my belly...A LOT. I am very smart too. It only took me 2 days to learn my new name, which is Caramel :) I have a lot of personality and love to run around. I have an older dog brother that I am still getting used to.

I got my first haircut this weekend and I now look like a teddy bear. I seem to be reliving my puppyhood and like to play a lot. Sometimes I think fingers are chew toys and have to be reminded that I have a rawhide for chewing. We are still working on social skills and the whole sit/stay concept. Thank you for finding me a new family!

Caramel Voelker

Mr. Brown

dog pic

We absolutely love Mr. Brown (formerly Bruno). He is getting along with his big sister Chula and is such a love! He brings joy to our family! We are thrilled to have him!

Thanks! Andrea


dog pic

Hi, Molly -

Just wanted to update you on Jake (formerly Fritz). Jake has settled into his new forever home. He enjoys hanging out with his dad, who works from home and snuggling with his mom when she comes home. He loves going for long walks in the woods with dad and watching the critters in the backyard. He has adapted to the invisible fence and know how far he can go before he gets "zapped." He goes to daycare once a week at Companion Animals of Wakefield. They say that he has such a good time that he doesn't even think about jumping the fence!

Jake must have some hound in him because every morning he howls for his breakfast. We are convinced he is a hound trapped in shepherd fur. He is such a sweetheart who loves his mom and dad plus anyone who he meets.

Last month, Jake graduated from basic obedience. He is such a smart dog. We will be starting intermediate class this week. BTW, we get a kick out of seeing Jake in the Toyota commercials. Our pup is a star!

Thanks so much for allowing us to bring Jake into our lives. He is just the sweetest pup in the world. We are lucky to have him with us!

Tracy, Chris and Jake Kachur


dog pic

Hi, Molly -

Max (formerly McCauley) is doing absolutely wonderful! We love him to pieces already! He has met our son's dogs and they are all fast friends. Thanks again for helping us find the missing member of our family.

We are so impressed with Saving Grace, we have told everyone! Thanks again.



dog pic

Hi, Molly -

some updated pics of Caleigh playing with her friends!

Take care,



dog pic

Hello, Molly -

It hasn't quite been 24 hours yet since we adopted Annie, but I don't think I'm jumping the gun when I tell you that we are so happy we chose her to join our family!

Annie was pretty nervous when we got outside your gate, but after the car ride home, she seemed to be calmer. She did very well last night, exploring our house and laying in her new bed, crate, and floor pillows. She slept through the night great, ate her food and took her meds like a pro this morning. She's very mellow and we don't even know if she barks yet; she hasn't made too many noises other than snoring a bit while sleeping since we've got her.

We know it will take some time for her to realize that we are her forever family and really warm up to us, but she's doing great. We just love her...

Thank you so much for our new family member,



dog pic

Pookie says "Thank You!" for everything ... the treats at my new home are delicious ... and Merry Christmas!

From Monica, too :)


dog pic

Hi, Molly -

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Abby from Saving Grace this past July. Abby was part of a litter of Bichon puppies that were rescued from a puppy mill raid this summer. She is so wonderful and one of the smartest dogs! Abby comes to work at Gigiís Boutique with me every day and now people stop in just to say hello to her. She greets everyone that comes in the store and loves all the children. Our hearts just melt when she snuggles and we canít imagine life without her. Saving Grace is a wonderful place and thank you for all your hard work! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Cheryl Reinert Gigi's Boutique


dog pic

We adopted Raffy Bear when he was about two months old. This photo was taken when he was 7 months old. Everyone loves Raffy! He has so much personality - he's funny, smart, loves to play chase and can be very sweet. He loves squeaky toys and is quite the little athlete, catching balls and playing tug of war. His four big brothers (our four sons) love coming home to see Raffy.

We've told so many people about Saving Grace and the good work that you do. Thank you for making it possible for us to bring Raffy into our family.


dog pic

Annie is doing great! She has gotten more and more confident every day and is developing a playful nature. She is feeling more and more at home. She loves her kennel and her bed, but she also likes to sleep on the sofa sometimes, and I'm glad she doesn't feel that she has to stay in the kennel all the time. It's still her safe place and she's comfortable there, but I like when she comes out to check on me sometimes. If I'm in another room she'll come looking for me - although I think it may be after she's eaten all her dinner and she's probably coming to ask me for more, or hoping I'll give her a treat, or maybe she's hoping for a trip outside.

We have two dog parks here at the apartment complex, so she has opportunities to run around off-leash, and she likes that. The first couple weeks she would just run back and forth along the fence, and she'd stay away from me. Then she started running up to me and following me as I'd walk around, and now she runs around and explores, but keeps coming back to me also.

She's a wonderful dog!!