Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hi, Molly,

Alice is now Addy and she is doing fantastic. Since she was only with you guys a little more than a week, we probably know more about her than you had a chance to!

She is a truly wonderful dog who loves to sit on your lap for hours and hours. She is very loving and not fearful at all. If you ask her if she wants to go for a walk she will take you along for 40 minutes while she runs, sniffs, and trees the squirrels. She is so strong and spirited, and is a real outdoor country girl.

Our biggest concern in bringing Addy into our home was whether our other dog, Rexx, would accept her. He fell in love with her, as we all did, and now they are best friends. She has been eating well and gained a healthy amount of weight. She even gets to sleep upstairs on my 10 year old daughter's bed. I have never allowed pets in our beds but she would have none of that. I am happy that I caved.

Addy has found her forever home and she has completed our family. With three kids, two dogs, and a leopard gecko my husband and I joke that the childrens' dormitory and small zoo are now at full capacity. We couldn't be happier!

Thanks for everything,


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Hi, Molly (and the rest of the Saving Grace crew)!

Where has the time gone? I adopted Petunia, now named Maxine, last May, and my fiance and I have loved her every minute since then. She is the happiest little girl I think I've ever met. She loves everyone and everything she meets. She had a run in with both demodex and a tick borne disease shortly after we got her, but even then she was so happy it was hard to tell. She is goofy and clumsy, but smarter than we originally gave her credit for thanks to her motivation to work for food. She definitely has a bit of an independent streak and has to be reminded of her training, but she's gotten to be such a good girl. We are so thankful that she came into our lives and she reminds us daily not to sweat the small stuff as she is so exuberant about everything she does and always has a kiss and some lovin' to share! Thank you for everything that you do - I always recommend Saving Grace to anyone I can :)



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I just wanted to say thanks for Ansley. What a great dog! Molly, I appreciate what you do - taking dogs from rural kennels and bringing them to Saving Grace so they might find a good home. Meghan, thank you for reading our adoption application and really pinpointing what dogs would work for us. I also thank all the volunteers who help make Saving Grace work.

Ansley, whom we renamed Lia, is a perfect match. She has perked up and already made our home her home. She fits right in and itís as though she was always meant to be here. Our son who has developmental delays and sensory issues is still a little leery of her, but is warming up to her more and more each day. Plus, he canít complain about her barking or jumping on him, because she doesnít. She does watch him while he eats though, living in hope that heíll drop something! I think heíll be fine by the end of the week. She is very quiet, friendly, well behaved and trained, although we are discovering that if she could, she would sleep on our bed rather than the crate!



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Hi, Molly!

Thank you so, so, so much! Witt is the *perfect* addition to our family! Our entire family is absolutely in love with him!

We also want to give a big thanks to the foster family who cared for him because they did an amazing job! He is awesome with the children, such a little gentleman, and could already play fetch! We love him SO much and we love Saving Grace! Thank you!



Maggie May

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Hi, Molly,

Thanks for checking up on Maggie May (formerly Butterscotch). She is doing great! Since she is finished with her heartworm treatment, we are able to take long walks through the neighborhood, which she loves. All my family and friends adore her. Maggie is also good with my young grandchildren, even when the youngest has her in a headlock! My chair is just big enough for the both of us and she sleeps on my bed, except during a thunderstorm, where you will find her under the bed!

Visiting Saving Grace in December of 2011 and finding Maggie was the best thing ever! I just LOVE her! She is great company. Now when my daughter comes over and asks who I'm talking to...I can say Maggie, instead of myself! Ha! Thanks for all the wonderful work you, your staff and volunteers do for all the great dogs in need!



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I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for Rocket. He took all of about two hours to fit into our family. He is a very neat dog, and he gets along with the cats! He figured out the doggy door real fast and as you can see, he's made himself right at home. Thanks for everything you guys do!



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Hi, Molly,

I wanted to send an update on Tanner (previously known as JoJo) for your Happy Tails. He has gotten quite big!

Tanner has settled in wonderfully at our home. Although we have only had him a few short months, it feels like he has been with us forever! He adores the kids and allows them to do just about anything to him. He loves going for walks and visiting with everyone in the neighborhood. I don't think he has ever met a stranger! He gives lots of kisses to whoever comes near. We have been taking classes with K9 Solutions and Tanner is close to getting his Canine Good Citizen Certification. He will do just about anything for a treat! He loves to curl up and snuggle with us on the couch and is just about the best dog we could've asked for. We love him dearly and can't thank you enough for all you do!

Amy, Art, Natalie, and Sydney


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Molly and Staff,

Thank you for allowing me to adopt Zoey (formerly Wahine). She is my constant companion... at rest or play she is always only feet away. She makes my world so much brighter with joy and laughter. My home is "alive" again. Thanks again for sweet Zoey. Isn't she a cutie?!



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Hi, Molly,

"Caper" is doing wonderfully with us! We waited a few days before naming him but after watching him play with our other dogs and with us, Caper was the right name for him!

I am so glad we found him online and came up to see him. At first he was a little to himself up there but let me tell you, after a few months at home now he is so attached to Carol and me. It's great to come home after a long day's work and get greeted by him and our other dogs.

Speaking of the other dogs, we have another mixed breed Sheltie rescue at home named Mocha. Caper and Mocha have become inseparable. We have a large yard for them to play and they literally chase each other around the yard for hours at a time. It's really fun to watch.

We are thrilled to have Caper!

Alan and Carol


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Candy is doing great! We have had to work on housebreaking, but she is doing much better than just two months ago. She is still warming up to my husband; she is scared of men, but she is GREAT with kids and of course, is MY constant shadow. She has just gotten comfortable enough to "tease" our other dog with play toys. We love to pamper her as she enjoys it so much - bubble baths, pedicures, fancy clothes, etc.

I will say I have twice adopted dogs. The experience I had with Saving Grace was so much better than the other place. Thank you for that! Keep up the good work.

Jill Griffin