Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

You were all so helpful during our adoption process. Thank you for following up after Riley's adoption. He is a wonderful dog! My husband calls him "the love sponge" because Riley would be perfectly content having his head patted or belly rubbed 24-hours a day. My daughter, Kim, loves taking Riley to Umstead for hiking and for long walks around the neighborhood. She is also enjoying being a Saving Grace volunteer as a kind of "thank you" for finding him.

As for me, I try to come home from work a little earlier than I used to - which is a good thing! Riley is always the happiest member of the family to see me when I walk in the door...not that everyone else isn't appreciative, but they don't cry and whimper! :D

Thank you for the work you all do. I have never adopted a rescue dog before, and because of our experience with Saving Grace, I recommend it to everyone I know.

Best wishes,

The Edwards Family
Rick, Karen and Kim


dog pic

Aww, Mogli is now Elvis and Elvis is a fine addition to our little family. He's just a little love machine. He's never met a stranger and he's just perfect. We love him very much.

Thank you for saving these little angels!

Your friends in fur,
Ben & Patty


dog pic

Pom Pom (Sandy) is very, very happy in her new home! Everyone in the home loves her and she is so affectionate with all. She often sits on the yard and watches the kids play and just watches the world go by. All the neighborhood children come over just just to give her their love.

Thank you for checking up on us and Sandy. She is a spoiled rotten baby!

Gracie Jo

dog pic

Dear Molly, Gracie Jo is an amazing gift in our lives! She is doing very well. Gracie has completed Target Obedience Training 1, attends doggy daycare 1 to 2 days per week (many friends both big & small) and is now enrolled in a "Mix It Up" class combining obedience & agility. We are hopeful that she may become a pet therapy dog one day, if all continues to go well. Her sweet/loving temperament combined with the ability to learn quickly makes her a good candidate!

We are grateful for Saving Grace and the wonderful blessing of Gracie Jo!! Thank you for your efforts to rescue dogs and find good "forever" homes. We have shared Saving Grace with many people and are hopeful that you are aware of the incredible fruits and gifts from you labor of love!!

Blessings & Peace,

Polly & William

Maggie Pie

dog pic

Maggie Pie is settling in fairly well... enjoying her bed.



dog pic

Hi, Molly!

Here is a photo of Ben and Harrison. He has also taken a ride in the car to Whole Foods (one of us staying the car with him) and Petsmart, where he got to go in. He loves the car!

Thank you!
Amy (a kitty person who has never had a dog)


dog pic

Hi, Saving Grace!

On March 28, 2012, it was one year since I brought Winston home with me from Saving Grace. I didn't change his name - Winston seemed to fit him just fine. What a great year it has been! He was only in his crate for two nights when I figured he was fine without one. My bed is his bed now, but for such a little guy he sure can take up a lot of room. :o) He never once chased my two cats, so they quickly learned that Winston wasn't a threat and they get along quite well now.

Winston is such a happy dog and loves everyone. He is the most handsome guy on the block too. He is a good walker, mostly, and loves riding in the car. His most favorite thing to do, though, is run up the stairs when I say "bedtime," and he jumps up and down and wags like a maniac until I put him on the bed and then he pounces on the pillows and gets settled. I go to bed laughing every night! What a joy he is. Thank you for taking such good care of him until he found me.

Cindy Stampe (Winston-Salem)


dog pic

Hello, Molly,

This is our Athena the Great (she used to be Violet)! And this picture captures her typical expression, as she surveys her yard to see if there is anything she can chase and pounce on. Athena's favorite pastimes include chasing birds and rabbits (unsuccessfully I might add), digging, running and galloping. She also enjoys leaping over her two smaller older siblings, who are easily annoyed by their new frisky sister..who's twice their size.

After a playful romp, you can then catch Athena taking a nap in our home office, which she thinks is now hers. Athena has been a wonderful addition to our family. The kids (10 and 11 years old) fell in love with her right away. She has to be one of the most loving and forgiving creatures God has ever created. She had a rough beginning in this world, but you would never know it from her personality. She loves being hugged and kissed and petted. She just loves being loved... and that is exactly what she is getting.

Melanie, Troy, and Joshua


dog pic

Hi, Molly,

We are so happy to have Rigsby as part of our family! He is the sweetest little dog you can imagine and all my friends love him, so I tell them to get their own dog at Saving Grace.

Rigsby loves to run around our back yard, play with his toys and go for long walks. He hardly ever barks except to warn of approaching humans. He is our first dog and we are so happy that you take great care to select dogs and people who are compatible because he is just a perfect companion!

Best wishes,
Gillian and Will


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Dear Molly and Saving Grace Staff,

We did change Bucky's name to Odie, which seemed appropriate being he lives with 3 cats, and seemed to respond to Odie much better. He is such a good boy and he adjusted to living with the 3 cats within a couple of days. I am always telling our friends and family how much joy he has brought to our home and how wonderful he is. He only spent one night in his crate which he did not have a problem with but he loved being in the bed between us much better. LOL He is a great bed partner and will sleep late too.

He has made friends with other dogs in the neighborhood and the yellow lab across the street goes on walks with us - we both love that. He loves all the wildlife out this way. He has been a hit on Facebook, as you can imagine, he wears a tag that says "Am I cute or what?"

Thank you for helping him find his forever home and helping us find a new addition to our family!

Janet and Mark
Wendell, NC