Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Happy Tail!!

Just an update on Grettle (now named Nikki). She is doing wonderful and we cannot be happier! I think we won the doggy lotto! She is exceptionally well behaved, LOVES to play, extremely good with ALL kids. Loves her backyard and jumps through the air like a crazy dog! Our 8 year old has taught her to sit, stay, come, lay down, and is working on roll over! She is a perfect camping dog and loves to mingle with the other dogs. I see her sister Heidi is still available. If she is anything like Nikki, someone is missing a wonderful opportunity to have the BEST DOG EVER!! When she does get adopted I would love to get them together. Thank you Saving Grace for saving Nikki (Grettle)!!!


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Hi, Molly,

Been a while since I emailed but wanted to send you a recent picture of Sophie (Fawn). This is a very rare shot as Sophie does not stop for very much. She was with the lady that watches them (same lady I adopted Sophie's sister from, Juno) that fostered for JCAPL. I was away on vacation and Sophie gets to pretty much play with all the other dogs there (about 6 or so currently) and I guess she actually got a little tired. I cannot lie - she still challenges me about every day but I love her to death. We moved out in the Garner area and she has big fenced-in backyard now with woods behind us and lots of wildlife. I kid you not, I do believe that deer think Sophie is a baby "fawn" because they will come out of the woods and almost come over to her -- they just stand and watch her and are not scared at all. She is mesmerized by them. On the other hand, she goes crazy with that screech sound whenever she sees rabbits, foxes, cats or squirrels!

Hope all is well at Saving Grace. I still check out the Web site every few days for what is going on and to see the pups. Take care.

Cha Cha

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Molly and all at Saving Grace,

I cannot tell you how happy we are with Cha Cha - you got it just right! Cha Cha does not leave Briana's side. He is the most loving and sweetest dog I have ever owned - everyone he meets falls in love with him. Thank you for a wonderful experience!



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We are crazy in love with our Barney .... He is such a good boy!

Thank you!!!
The Carlsons


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Hello, Molly,

Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Platy-P went to the vet yesterday for a check up and teeth cleaning and got a clean bill of health. Her breath is now fresh and the vet said she looks great.

Platypus is so fun! My dog Levi adores her and they wrestle, run and play pretty much all day. I keep waiting for the thrill to wear off but it seems like they are BFF for life. They chew on the same bone at the same time, share kongs, and generally act like big cuties 24-7. Platypus is learning lots of good manners too. I am proud of her.

Take care,


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Molly and friends,

Here is an updated picture of Toby all grown up! It is amazing to think we have had him almost 3 years now. He turned out to be the perfect dog for us. He has the most loving and affectionate nature you can imagine. He is still very shy with strangers, but his family is tops with him.

Due to losing a leg to cruelty and his very small stature (a whopping 7 pounds), our vet suggested we get him a step stool to make it easier for him to get on the furniture. He got a big laugh when we told him we already had 3 for him. He has dog beds in every room in our house and toys everywhere. He spends the winter in Florida in our RV and is just as at home there as at the house. His clipped coat of cream grew out immensely as you can see and his back is tipped in black making him a rare cream sable. He sleeps at the foot of our bed on a duvet. He goes everywhere with us. He gets fed popcorn at Ace Hardware, oatmeal cookies at Central Ford and Milk Bones at the bank. You can rest easy knowing that another of your former charges is healthy, happy and much loved. You all do such a wonderful job, and we can't thank you enough for rescuing him for us.

Richard and Debbie White Colerain, NC


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Finally after all this time I do have a picture of my baby, LeeLee, aka Leia. She went to the beach this week and loved it. She is bright, fun and pure joy. I cannot thank Saving Grace enough for giving me my heart back. I had lost my Lhasa Apso just 6 months before and was unsure about getting another dog. But I took the tour of Saving Grace and found this cute baby! I encourage anyone who has suffered a loss, open your home again - it's not replacing the one you lost, just healing the loss in another way!

Thank you again!
Cindy Neal aka LeeLee's Mom


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Thank you, Molly and the entire gang, for ALL that Saving Grace does each and everyday to provide such amazing additions to families for these animals!!!

"Ellie" (Ellen) could not be more PERFECT in every single way! We love her and have had not one single issue! Not sure how you knew she would fit so well with us, but it seems she was meant to be here! Thanks again and we are truly and grateful for the services Saving Grace provides!

Kristy and Abigail


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Dearest Saving Grace,

Thank you so much, Saving Grace, for saving our little lady Stella String Bean! She has a sweet sassy personality and a long string bean-like body that warms our heart when she wakes from a nap to stretch. We are so in love and have a blast with her on walks and getting to know the other doggies and their owners in the neighborhood dog park.

She's great on hikes, loves to play with her toys, and is professional cuddler on the couch. She also has a grandma and grandpa who love to spoil her. We need to remind them to make her sit before they give treats.

We may have not chosen her if it was not for Saving Grace's wonderful setup for the dogs. I was able to see her play with the other dogs and her personality was really able to come through. We continue to train her and she's so smart and catching on quickly! Thank you Saving Grace,

Liz, Mark and Stella String Bean Wells


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Dear Molly,

I have been very impressed with Saving Grace and here is just one more impressive thing for the list.

We changed Loralie's name to Lollipop -- it just seemed to suit her better. Lollipop is a sweet-natured and very bright girl. We enrolled her in obedience classes and she has learned Come, Sit, Down, Wait, Release and she walks on a leash nicely. She loves to play fetch, go on walks, sun herself on the back patio and snooze on her cushion in the den. She absolutely hates the crate and we try not to use it. Occasionally she gets into trouble -- our housekeeper calls her "bonita bandito" because she steals things. And other than chewing up the TV remote, most of her infractions have been inconsequential. Still, she is adorable and those sweet eyes make us forgive her instantly!

We feel lucky to have her gentle spirit in our lives. Thank you for making that possible.

Best regards,