Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Sugar Lips

dog pic

Dear Molly Thanks for bringing me to Saving Grace so that I could find my new home. I have a Mom and 2 little girls who love to hug and kiss me every day. Everyone loves my name and thinks I am the sweetest dog they've ever met. The cat who has been here for 15 years.......not so much! But I'm sure I will win him over. I love my beds, my girls' bean bag chairs, the couch and even my very chic crate. I have a fancy "girly" collar complete with a rhinestone name tag. Life is good! Much Love, Sugar Lips Molly, Thank you so much. Sugar Lips is a dream! She's a quiet, loving, and often silly snuggle-bug who likes to lean on us, get in our laps (she thinks she's a cat), put her head on our knees and she smiles! She has come around from an overly shy girl to one who makes eye contact with me at all times. People constantly stop to pet her and ask me more about her. She was not at all what I thought I was looking for when I came out and yet she's EXACTLY what I was looking for and perfect for my family. We are so lucky that you saw her for the beautiful, sweet girl you knew she could be if given a chance, and picked her to come to Saving Grace. She has literally blossomed in every way. We love her very much and she obviously loves us right back. You and everyone there are as amazing and special and wonderful! Sincerely, Stephanie, Anna and Ava Burgess


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Hi - Here's a picture of Risa sitting on her favorite cushion on the window seat in a very sunny warm spot overlooking the water in Tiverton, RI. Life couldn't be better!! We love her soooooooo much and it was worth every mile that we drove to get her in NC. Thanks so much, Christine, Tom, Alex & Luc Bandoni


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We could not be happier to have Sandy as part of our family! She has only been with us for about 4 weeks but it feels like we've had her for so much longer because she is so well behaved, calm, and such a joy to have around. Sandy was lacking in confidence when we first brought her home and was initially very nervous around other dogs. We're proud to say though that she has really come out of her shell and now is always curious and excited when she sees a new dog (regardless of size)! She even has a couple buddies in the neighborhood that she plays ball with in the mornings and she is able to keep up with the best of them! We are also constantly amazed at how well behaved she is - she is now potty trained (only took a few days to get her trained), she sleeps well in her crate at night, is a great companion on walks as she doesn't pull on the leash at all, and is super friendly with any new person she meets and even "shakes" for them. We are also proud to say that even our vet was amazed by how mellow and calm she has been on her vet visits and had nothing but praise for her behavior. She also now knows sit, stay, and we are working on "come." She is such a sweet girl who loves belly rubs, sitting on your lap (she doesn't quite realize she is a little too big for laps), and snuggling whenever possible! Thank you Molly and Saving Grace for bringing Sandy into our lives! - Beth and Adithya


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In December of 2004 Saving Grace saved a litter of puppies and their mom from a high kill shelter. Now in 2007 one of those puppies, Daisy Mae, helps save the lives of people who are in a hospital just 1 mile from that shelter. Daisy was adopted in February 2005. Her foster mom, Shawn Kearsey, introduced me to the world of therapy dogs. Daisy Mae introduced me and my other fur kids to her world of perpetual happiness. I canít imagine life before Daisy. She does more than just compliment the personalities who live here. Daisy Mae brings much joy and laughter into the house, provides companionship and comfort to those in hospice care, and assists those in a hospital behavioral unit who need help finding their way in the world. She completes us as a family and gladly gives her affections to others in need. Saving the life of this one dog has positively changed the lives of many. Thank you, Molly. Deborah and Therapy Dogs: Princess Priscilla, Daisy Mae, Dickens, and kitties: Nutmeg, Charlie, Karma and Mr. Kitty


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Every dog is a special and wonderful dog, but rescue dogs are the best! They seems to know and appreciate the fact that they are being given a second chance at life, and they are so full of love and life. Scarlet is small in size, but her personality is huge, and her love of life and the outdoors is contagious! I always thought I wanted a big dog, but Scarlet is the perfect size for me right now, and like I said, she makes up for in her personality what whe lacks in physical size. Scarlet is a sweet and loving dog who likes to sleep in, and is never needy. She is very easy and low maintenance, and the only time she begs is when there is a Gourmutts cookie in the room and she has not gotten a taste yet :) I often wonder about Scarlet's past life; if she has had puppies, and where they are now, who her owners were before she was found wandering the streets. Scarlet is a wonderful hunter and if I let her, she will spend literally hours in the woods, digging and chewing through roots and kicking rocks out of the way, when she is on the scent of a critter! One time she got lucky and there was a mole right under the surface and I was amazed at her speed and skill of killing it. I can just see her roaming the streets and woods and killing small animals to eat, and living out in the wild. I am so glad that she doesn't have to survive that way anymore, and that we found each other through Saving Grace! I am so glad that Saving Grace found her in the shelter and rescued her, and that they suggested her as a good dog for me. She makes my life so much more fun and full and exciting. She is a loyal, sweet, sassy and strong little dog, and she brings so much love to my life. So many people that have seen her say how cute and sweet she is, she is a real attraction, and I always tell people that she is a rescue dog and how wonderful they are!! With all of the dogs in shelters around the world, it is such a shame that people still feel the need to breed dogs. Rescue dogs, and mutts in general, are more hardy, just as beautiful and have wonderful personalities! I hope more people will decide to rescue a dog from Saving Grace!" I hope things are going well down in Raleigh! I havn't talked to Karen or Jake in a long time, and I hope all is well for them as well as you... please send my love to everyone! School is going well but it is a really hard program and keeping me really busy! I hope to work in a wildlife rehab place this summer, for my externship for school. I want to thank you again for the chance to have a wonderful dog like Scarlet! Please let me know if the pics don't come through for some reason. Thanks again Molly!


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Ripley was adopted to be a playmate for my other young dog Molly. I found June Bug (who is now called Ripley) on Saving Grace's petfinder page, and because of their fostering program, they were able to give us a clear picture of Ripley's personality. She's been a wonderful addition to the family, very loving and playful. She has also been good for my older dog, Honey. Honey is now semi-retired from the roughhousing and enjoys watching her sisters in their games. Thanks for all your help with the adoption, and I would certainly recommend Saving Grace to anyone considering adoption. Ripley's been good for all of us - even the cats.


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Izzy is the perfect example of making sure the family fits the dog. She was found running down the highway at about 7-8 weeks of age (all 8 pounds of her) and brought to Wake Forest Animal Hospital by a Good Samaritan. She was an extremely undisciplined feisty Miniature Pincher/Italian Greyhound mix. When no one came to claim her, Saving Grace became her new temporary home. At the time, I was in my third year of vet school at NC State and very involved in helping Saving Grace run. My home was usually the foster home for the ill or very shy as my husband, Phil and I could provide more individual attention to the needy dogs. For a week Molly kept insisting I come see this new puppy she had. At the time her only name was the nickname "piranha." Finally, Phil and I had the time to go meet her it was love at first sight, especially for Phil. At Saving Grace, Izzy was seriously over stimulated. She had so much puppy energy and there was so much to look at and do that Izzy hardly slept. Phil, who usually rarely had a say in who we fostered, actually requested that we take her home to foster. Once home, Izzy slept for almost 4 days straight and she did most of that in Phil's lap. Once rested, we began to see the mischievous side of her come out again. Life with Izzy kept us on our toes, she was an escape artist and extremely difficult to house break. But we were head over heels in love. Whenever we have a foster dog there is a degree of attachment, usually more by myself than by my husband. But, when Izzy was adopted we were both devastated. We tried to tell ourselves it was for the best as we already had three large dogs of our own and certainly did not need a 4th. A couple of days after Izzy had left, Phil asked if we could keep Izzy if for some reason she was returned. As fate would have it, seven days after the adoption, we got a call. Izzy was being nippy and obstinate in her new home, traits that we had overcome with discipline, firm leadership, and socialization with our three dogs. It was clear that she needed a different situation and so Izzy come home one final time. Izzy is now four years old and is a very special part of our family. She sleeps under the covers with us, a privilege she had to earn back upon her return. She excelled at her obedience class and would be an awesome agility competitor if only I had the time to train her for it. Izzy was the perfect fit for our family, and later that year her previous adoptive family found their perfect fit.


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She is doing wonderfully, she has a large vocabulary now, she understands: Go Peepee outside wanna a cookie go to your bed want breakfast and many others. The only issue we are still having is she tears up magazines when I am away. Maybe she is trying to read. We just got back from her first doggie vacation and you didn't tell me she can drive a boat. (See picture). i have never seen a dog take to boating so quickly. She wasn't scared one bit. She is an amazing little doggie and she gives me so much affectionate and joy. Please tell the lady at Johnson County that brings all the good dogs to you that Zoe is very happy she was rescued and so am I. It breaks my heart to think she may have been put to sleep and no one would ever had the opportunity to enjoy her. Everyone we meet loves her and they all tell me that I am lucky to have her. Well I am lucky to have her, but it's people like you and the Johnson County folks that make these it possible for people like me to have such a sweet little companion in my life.


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I had been looking for a dog for a few weeks. I knew I wanted to adopt one instead of buying one from a breeder, as I had adopted one in the past from the SPCA when I lived in NY and it turned out being a great decision. When I came across Colby's picture, I couldn't resist and my search ended there. I called Molly to set up a time to visit with Colby and once I saw him, I knew he would be coming home with me. Molly was very helpful throughout the entire process. She never once pressured me to adopt him, and she had very useful information for me to use with him if I did decide to take him home. I have had Colby for about 2 months now and he is great! He is very good-natured, playful, and just the sweetest thing ever! Molly hosted a picnic recently and invited all the owners of animals adopted through her, and it was a great success in my oppinion. Colby and I had a really good time and I would recommend Saving Grace to anyone looking to adopt an animal. Molly is great with the animals and Saving Grace definately lives up to it's name.


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We wanted to add a lab to our family, but with both parents working outside the home, didnít feel we had the time to devote the amount of attention required to deal with all the challenges to train a new puppy. Molly worked with us closely to find the right dog, and Dirk has been a perfect fit for our family. Some of the issues that Molly suggested we consider have really proved to be a blessing in our decision, including the fact that adopted dogs who have been strays like Dirk have been through some tough times and really seem to appreciate it when they are brought into a loving home and strive to please their new owners. Molly worked closely with us and the local vet to make sure Dirkís medical records were current, and emailed repeatedly to check up on us. He was also already crate trained when we got him which made it so easy to gradually integrate him into our home. We couldnít be happier with our new family member. We highly recommend that you consider adoption and Saving Grace for your family pet. Dan, Becky, Drew & Graham Wilson Youngsville, NC