Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

Dear Molly and everyone at Saving Grace,

I hope that you are doing well. I’ve attached a recent photo of Ruby to let you know that she is healthy and happy and living the good life! I got her from Saving Grace in August of 2004. She was called Tippy then. She had recently had surgery to remove her leg that had been badly broken and had mended very badly. She was in rough shape when you got her. You saw all the love and courage that she had in her and you saved her for me. I am beyond thankful for that. I know that she is too.

Ruby is an angel on earth! She shares her love and positive attitude with everyone she comes in contact with, human or otherwise. Ruby has gone through SO much but she still sees the world as a wonderful place where anything is possible. She is my hero!

I’ve been sending $20 each month to you and I hope this does a little bit to help Saving Grace stay in business. I owe you all so much. Thank you!

Please take care and be well – Chuck Grantham

Henry - Tucker

dog pic

Hello Molly -- I thought I'd give you an update on how I'm doing. We had a LONG but uneventful drive to Pennsylvania, although I was quite agitated at first when I realized you weren't getting in the car with me! But I was a good boy and did all I was supposed to do at rest stops. Everyone wanted to stop and pet me - they thought I was so cute!

I'm now well settled into my new home and routines. I get a lot of love, cuddles, and attention from Anne and her mother. I have beds upstairs and down, as well as a crate for when everyone goes out. I just got a new car seat which I love 'cause I now can see out the windows. After several nights on Anne's bed, I decided I was more comfortable in my own bed next to hers, but I get in her bed every morning for a snuggle. Maybe when she's in her own queen bed there'll be more room and I'll change my mind.

I had my first vet visit in PA and did fine, except for traces of hookworm for which I took some extra medication. I have lots of toys, Kongs, dentabones and Toro rawhide bones. My favorite toy is my tennis ball, which I stripped of all its fuzz immediately, but haven't managed to puncture yet -- and believe me, I've tried! I get a walk every day except when it's really raining, and I usually get to greet lots of dogs in their yards. I've also been to the dog park several times. Yesterday was the first day it's been really warm here, and there were tons of dogs to visit at the park.

The resident dachshund, Ginger, isn't nearly as social as the dogs at Saving Grace, and we had a tense week or two at the beginning. She's been here a long time, is older, looks at me like I'm crazy when I chase the ball, and won't cuddle--although I'm getting closer every day, 'cause I really want to be friends. But we get along fine and take walks and sit on the sofa together (occasionally). We follow Anne everywhere - we're afraid the other one will get a treat or a toy or a trip outside that the other didn't get. This has been hard on Ginger - she's used to sleeping all the time, and I keep her on her toes. I even got her to romp around with me once. Anne and her mother were amazed; they said Ginger NEVER did that before, so I think I'm a good influence!

All in all, I'm doing great in my new place. And Anne thanks you from the bottom of her heart for giving her such a good dog (that's me!). Also, she says thank you for the card.

xxxxoooo -- Henry/Tucker


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We are enjoying Rosie! She has brought many smiles in the past few weeks. This is our first family dog. She is a nice companion. Rosie just wants to be with us whether we are running outside or watching a movie. I can tell that she is getting more comfortable with us. Her energy level has increased and she is more and more playful with the kids.

Daisy Mae

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Dear Molly and other Saving Grace Humans,
I wanted to write and tell you how well I am doing in my forever family! I have a human sister and brother who love to play with me all the time and give me lots of kisses and hugs. I love to play fetch with them…but they are little and sometimes it’s hard to tell who is throwing the ball and who is fetching the ball…but it works itself out. I also like to take late night walks with my mommy and I jump up with all fours off the ground when I see that pink leash! I have been a very good girl here and remembered all of the lovely manners I was taught at Saving Grace. I have proved myself to be a real southern belle! My mommy talks about me a lot and says how beautiful I am. She also says she doesn’t know what she would have done without me…besides have a lot more room on the bed at night…what can I say…i'm a princess and I need my beauty sleep…I just take up more room than most in the process…! I have turned all the couches, clothes and other cloth materials in our house a lovely shade of “yellow-lab chique”, but my mommy doesn’t care…she loves me, loose fur and all! I really am happy here and I can’t seem to get that thing on my rear end to stop wagging! Thank you for all that you did for me…and for keeping me healthy and happy while I stayed with you!

Hugs and Licks,
Daisy Mae
(The stunningly beautiful yellow lab with the six cutest puppies you’ve ever seen!!)


dog pic

I adopted Ellie from you 4 1/2 years ago. I remember the first time I saw she and her siblings. They were all yellow, almost white in color and smiling at me! "How would I choose?" You pointed to Ellie and whispered, as if not to let the other puppies hear, "She is the sweetest one". That was good enough for me!

She came home with me that very night and has been an invaluable part of my life ever since. She is honestly funny and has a sense of humor. She is very loving and has a good heart. She is well behaved and loves her big feline brother Tate...she is actually protective of him!

I can not thank you enough for all you do. After all if it were not for you I would not have Ellie in my family!

Take Care!
Mary-Stuart Harrell
Ellie aka: Elliedog & The Bumbling Bumble Dog


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From the Desk of Pouchi Roo Pearson, Esquire:
Dear Molly and the gang,
I just wanted to send a little note to let everyone at Saving Grace know that I am doing great with my new adopted parents, the Pearsons. As you remember, the day that mom and dad came to see me at the shelter I wasn't doing too good. I was very sick -- a result of my old life as a stray. Everyone thought I might even have cancer because my white blood count was so low. Thankfully, I was able to muster all my cuteness and won the hearts of the Pearsons. They fell head over heels in love and decided to adopt me in spite of my unpredictable future. Well, I'm happy to report that at my latest vet examine I was given a clean bill of health! We have been celebrating nonstop. We go for bike rides (I ride in mom's basket), kayaking excursions (even though I can dog paddle, mom and dad do most of the work while I just chill in a lap), we even go to the beach. I don't want to brag, but I'm even somewhat of a celebrity among the art crowd here in Wilmington. I've fallen into a group of artists at the ACME art studios where my mom paints all day, I'll put it this way, they all want to do my portrait.

I sleep, I eat, I poop, I pee...life is sweet! My prayer is that more people will visit Saving Grace and adopt the other dogs there. I am constantly showered with hugs, kisses, snuggles, tickles, belly scratches, and cuddles. Life is too short not to love and be loved by someone.

Much love,


dog pic

Teddy has been a great addition to our family. We already had two dogs when we decided to rescue one. Molly was wonderful and forthcoming in helping us find the right dogs to fit in with our children and our other 2 dogs! Teddy was love at first sight. He just adores our kids and has been a constant playmate for our younger dog Annie. Despite Annie outweighing Teddy by some 40 lbs., they play together for hours, wrestling endlessly. A big thank you to Molly and Saving Grace!!


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I lost my last dog to cancer in October 2008. She was an amazing 12 year old Golden Retriever I had raised from a 10 week old pup. Although I am still grieving, even today, I knew pretty quickly that in order to heal I needed to bring a new canine companion into my life. But my current lifestyle is too busy for the extreme demands of a puppy or even those of many young dogs. I am a busy, single professional. I don’t have time to come home once or twice a day to let the dog out. I travel a bit for my job, so lots of time in training classes would be difficult and my new dog would need to be okay with having the pet sitter come in or going to stay at someone else’s house (which might entail being around other cats, dogs, kids, or seniors in wheelchairs).

Given my long work days, I didn’t want to have to leave my new friend locked up in a crate all day. I have an old cat that already lives in my household and I frequently pet sit for friends by either going to stay at their houses or bringing all their animals to mine. What I was really looking for was simply “a vessel for the giving and receiving of love.” How could I find such a perfect animal?

The answer to all of this is, of course, adopt an older dog! A dog older than five has usually passed the point of chewing up your shoes or your couch because they are bored. They only need to go out to the bathroom once or twice in the morning before work, when you get home from work and then before bedtime. They don’t generally need hours of exercise each day to keep themselves from going crazy, unless they have breed-specific needs. And probably most importantly for me, adult dogs have often lived enough life to be pretty zen about most things like traveling, other critters, children, etc. Even if not super laid back, an older dog will have developed their inherent personality already.

The personality assessment process done by the fosters that work so tirelessly for rescues like Saving Grace will have figured out what that is. So, in short, you often have a better idea of what you are getting with an older dog. Was Molly able to match me with the perfect dog? You know she did! I brought Violet, a 30 lb., approximately 7 year old Spaniel-terrier-mystery mix into my life in November 2008. We have been together for a little over a year. She is everything I wanted in a dog and more! Have there been any challenges to the older dog thing? Well, she has some little “imperfections” relative to age - for example, her teeth could stand to be cleaned and we have to watch her weight. And perhaps she isn’t quite as pretty as she was when she was a svelte young thing but frankly I am not either. She is easy and loving and healthy, and I expect many more years of happiness and joy with Violet.

So if you have a busy family, other pets, older adults, or are simply an overworked single person like me, think twice about that older dog you passed by. They might just be the dog that will rescue you! Kristen Kostelnik

Q Tip

dog pic

I found Q-Tip on the Saving Grace Web site and knew he was the dog for me! His sweet face and loving eyes had me at first sight. I met Q-Tip on September 29, 2008 and brought dog treats with me to Saving Grace for our meeting. The only treat that would interest him was cheese. Molly said that cheese was his favorite, so it has been his "special" treat daily.

Q-Tip is the sweetest and most loving dog and has been spoiled by his Aunt Kim with all his toys and scarves that she has given him. His favorite spot is under the kitchen table on his dog bed where he felt safe the first night he came home with me. Q-Tip never misses a chance to ride in the car so his favorite word is "ride."

Thank you, Molly, and all your helpers for making it possible for Q-Tip and other dogs to have a loving home. Q-Tip is a blessing and has brought more happiness to me than I could ever imagine! Angie Payne


dog pic

Dear Molly,

I LOVE IT here! I heard my new family talking about me. They said they were thrilled that they adopted me from Saving Grace. They said I am so sweet, play nicely with my English Cocker siblings, and that I was obviously socialized perfectly with other dogs at Saving Grace. My Vet gave me a thorough physical, showered me with kisses (he has a thing for "southern girls") and said I was in great shape. I got the regular puppy shots and medicine, but I didn't care - they gave me lots of cookies while they were poking and prodding.

My master, Rebecca, takes me on walks and frequent trips outside while I get the hang of this house breaking thing. I'm doing well and should have it down pat in a few weeks. The cockers show me how things are "done" here. I love curling up on Rebecca's lap to take my nap. She says I'm her "doughnut doggie" when I do this. My favorite napping spots are on her lap or in the sunroom where the sunshine warms me up. They took some "Glamour Shots" of me that they thought you would like.

Please tell all my pals at Saving Grace that I am very happy in New York. My family loves me very much. Tell Hop-A-Long that my family LOVED him when they visited Saving Grace, and if we had room in the car we would have snuck him in also. He was amazingly sweet and they hope he finds a great home soon. He is very special.

Gotta go - I think I hear something hitting my bowl......

Lilly (Maybelle)