Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hey there Molly, and everyone at Saving Grace,

We adopted Marshmellow (yes, the mellow is intentional) back in January 2010. Even though we’ve only had her for a couple months, she has already found her way into our hearts. When she first arrived home, she was very mellow and calm, but as she got to know us better she perked right up and is now a lively, energetic puppy. When she’s had enough of playing though, she’s more than happy to lay on the couch with us and nudge us with her nose to keep petting her. She loves to follow one or the other of us all over the house, just to make sure we’re still around, always making sure she has someone to watch as she entertains herself with her toys.

All the kids in the neighborhood love her. Every time we go out on walks, the kids swarm her and she loves it. She immediately lies on her back and lets them rub her tummy. When it’s time to go though, she pops right back up and is ready for some more exercise. She also loves going on car rides and is very polite sitting in her seat.

She really has made our home much merrier with her presence. It’s wonderful to come home and have her hopping around and excited to see one of us, and then just plop down next to us and get a good petting underway.

Thank you so much for helping us find our pup. Since Ian has left (deployed in Iraq), it has been very quiet in the house. Thankfully Marsh is always there to encourage me to take long walks, meet new people (because she is such a social pup), and have someone to snuggle with me on a rainy day. Nothing is as rewarding as having her greet me everyday and Ian cannot wait to come home to us.

Thank you again for finding someone like Marsh for us. We encourage our friends to consider your organization. We hope you are all doing well.

Kaitlyn and Ian


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Hey Molly,

Just wanted to say hi from my Florida home (I guess they say I’m a snowbird!). I do love lying in the sun by the pool and taking long walks every day. I have to say I am one happy camper now that I have a real home and people who love me and give me lots of good food. I am sure you remember that my new “mom” took me home with her because I was so pathetic after my eye surgery. She was only going to keep me until someone adopted me - I guess you call it fostering. Well, it only took me two days to convince her that I should stay forever!

When we come back to Raleigh in April, I even get to have surgery to remove my cataract so I can see again. I get around just fine but I know that life will be so much better when I can see. I can’t wait!!! Well, I’ll be “seeing” you again soon. I will be coming with my “mom” when she volunteers at Saving Grace. I love to help now that I know I will be going back to my forever home when we are done.

Thanks for saving me and helping me find a great home with people that love me so much. Saving Grace is incredible!

Love you,


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I discovered Saving Grace's Web site in Fall 2009.  There were so many beautiful and unique animals available, I couldn't help but wish that I could just adopt as many as could fit in my car.  After spending some time thinking about my life in an apartment, my priorities, my lonely old cat and my work life balance, I made some changes. I purchased a house. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a townhouse must be in want of a dog. When Smiley's face came up, I knew that I had to meet her. Just before New Year's Eve, I emailed Saving Grace about coming to meet Smiley.  Molly emailed me back immediately to set up a time and was incredibly helpful in comparing my needs and wants in a canine companion with Smiley's needs and wants.  As an active person, I wanted to make sure that I had a mature dog who wanted to run, walk and hike with me.

Stepping into Saving Grace was like stepping into a dog mecca.  There were dogs running around everywhere - each with their own personality and interests.  Some greeted me at the gate, some hardly noticed that I had come in, others were so engaged in their own games of cat and mouse that they couldn't be disturbed.  And then there was Smiley. She had been picked up by a Wilson County shelter after roaming around without an owner.  At Saving Grace, she had a great shot at finding a forever home.

An English Setter through and through, she spent the first 45 minutes that I was there flushing birds out of one set of trees and into a second set of trees diagonally across the length of the property. She never stopped moving. I was worried that maybe she wasn't friendly, or that she wouldn't get enough exercise with me. When I could tell she was tiring, I knelt down near her and she came right over to me and nuzzled me...and then smiled by baring her teeth. She isn't pretty when she smiles - she looks fierce and aggressive, but with an undeniable sweetness. My heart swelled and I knew that I had found the right dog.  She came home with me that day!
We've created a great little life together. While I can't let her flush birds out of the trees 24 hours a day (which is what she would like most), I can walk her many, many times a day so that she can still hone those bird-dog skills. In the evenings, we like to settle in for a little cuddle on the couch while I read, do work, or watch TV. She can be shy and awkward in new situations, but we're working through that to increase her confidence in herself and her confidence in me, as her friend and owner. I can't imagine what life would be like without her.

Saving Grace made all the difference in my adoption experience and I thank them for all that they do for so many dogs just like Smiley. I know that Saving Grace has done wonderful things for animals and people alike.



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Dear Molly,

Had to email you to tell you THANK YOU so much for bringing Murphy into my life! He is everything and more than your description on the Web site. He is settling in so nicely and everybody in the neighborhood just loves him! He is making new friends every day and with his winning personality and wonderful manners, he is bringing joy wherever he goes!

WHAT WONDERFUL WORK you do in the rescue of “God’s creatures, great and small.” Saving Grace is an exceptional place - what a wonderful set-up you have and your home is full of wonder, creativity and is just so special. It was great to meet you and I am spreading the word so that you can continue the wonderful work you are doing.

Thank you so very much!

Theresa Vargas (Terry)


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Here's a photo I took today of Tater with his "big brother" Beau. They're getting along very well, although Tater can be a real brat sometimes, like any pesky little brother! Not sure you can tell from the photos but Tater is starting to fatten up and he is nearly as tall as Beau. He's been a great addition to the family. They both keep my dad company when we're not home. Tater still gets those little bursts of puppy energy, but most of the time he's pretty laid back. When we get ready to walk them, Beau is dancing all around, too excited to even get his leash on, but Tater just sits there calmly, waiting for the door to open.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you for what you do, both for the animals and for the lucky families who get to take them home. We continue to tell everyone we know who is looking for a dog about Saving Grace. Thanks for everything!



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Thank you for rescuing Archie although I am not sure who rescued who! Archie is a really wonderful, sweet, loving, fun companion. At this moment he is sleeping on his back next to my husband.

My husband had a stroke 4 years ago and Archie has brought many smiles to his face. Archie is the 3rd canine from Saving Grace to move into our neighborhood and he elicits many complimentary comments.

Thank you again!

Marilynn Jerry and the rest of our family

Mr. Sparky

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Dear Molly and Crew at Saving Grace!

Well, it has been almost 2 yrs. since you last heard from me. You named me "Boats" after I had been found wandering the streets near Johnsonville and had been brought to you. I had evidently been on my own for some time; malnourished, heartworm positive, parasites, a leg injury, skin rashes---gosh, you name it, I had it!! I was also so shy, I was practically afraid of my own shadow! I did not even know how to walk on a leash.

I had the most beautiful soulful brown eyes though and that was my "Saving Grace." My adoptive owner, Lynn, took one look at me - and it was "all she wrote!" I had her hook, line and sinker!! She took me home to a big fenced-in yard, a warm home with two sheepskin beds to choose from, some very fine grub and lots of peace, quiet and love. She also gave me time to adjust to a normal life. I loved her from day one!

It took some time, but I was finally healed from all my ailments. I got my thyroid issues under control, and I did learn how to walk with a leash!! Did I mention I was bathed and groomed and, I must say, am looking mighty handsome!! She renamed me Mr. Sparky. I was so melancholy and seemed so beaten down that she felt I needed a name to live up to!! I still am a quiet dog. I don't bark. I don't growl. I do whine from time to time to get everyone's attention. I have this wonderful life now. I walk with her without a leash along the creek every morning. I love to roll in the grass, and when it is warmer, I meander down into the creek and plop down for a good cooling off.

Molly, I am one very happy Golden Retriever. Thanks for saving me and getting me a good home. I wish all my canine friends could be so lucky!

Warm hugs,

Mr. Sparky
Lynn Rast
Wake Forest, NC


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Hi, Molly!

I wanted to give you an update on Grover. (By the way, I decided to keep Grover as his name which he definitely knows now.) It is hard to believe I have had him for about 4 months. Time has flown by! He is doing well and is a happy boy.

As you know, he loves to be petted and sit in your lap. Grover is willing to share my lap with my cat so everyone is getting along well. He is very sweet and is a quiet dog. He barks when I come home and when the doorbell rings but otherwise he is quiet. He loves to go for walks and his step picks up when he sees other dogs and people. He wants to say hi to all dogs but they aren't always interested in him.

He also loves to go for rides in the car and so I try to take him with me on errands when I can. He didn't seem to know any commands and so we are taking obedience classes. He is learning quickly. I was thinking of taking a pet therapy class so that we could go to nursing homes since he loves to sit in laps and be petted.

I have mentioned Saving Grace to several people who I meet on our walks and they told me they are interested in adopting.



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Hello Molly and everyone at Saving Grace,

We adopted a beautiful Doberman puppy in November 2008. You all know her as Dallas. We call her Zoe.

Zoe has taken over our home, our bed, and our hearts! She is sassy, smart and so sweet. Our neighbor has had a lifelong fear of dogs. She asked to start walking Zoe as a puppy as a way to get over her fear. She and Zoe are now best buddies. It's so cool to see our 65 year old neighbor walking an 85 lb. Doberman!

We welcomed our son, Logan, in August 2009. Zoe is quite the Mother Hubbard. She comes to get me if I don't respond to Logan's cries quick enough for her :)

I could tell you so many stories of how much Zoe has enriched our lives. We are so thankful to share our lives with her. Thank you so much for saving her!

Pam, Chris, Logan, Zoe, and Boone


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I discovered Saving Grace back in the fall when I started to search for my new dog. I had recently lost my 14 year old Dachshund and after a few months of mourning was ready to start the search for my new family member. I have always had Dachshunds and am particularly fond of them; however, I wanted something different – a new start so to speak.

I found Saving Grace on the Internet and this one particular dog struck me as soon as I saw her sweet little face on the Web site. At that time, her name was Fawn (now known as Sophie). I scheduled a visit and had several dogs in mind to see but Fawn (Sophie) really stood out in my mind. I went through the gate and the first dog to run up to me was none other than Fawn! I immediately fell in love with her and pondered my decision a few days before going back to see her again. On my third visit she left with me and life will never be the same again!

Boy, be careful what you wish for because I certainly did get “different” – but all in good ways. She is so full of life and energy that will not or cannot be contained. She has taught me a new level of patience I was not aware of and I love each day as she grows from a puppy to young adulthood.

I am so grateful I found Sophie and thankful for such wonderful organizations like Saving Grace. Even though I have found my new family member, I check the Web site about once a week just to see what dogs have come and gone and keep up with the work being done there. I have bragged about Saving Grace on so many occasions when discussing Sophie I cannot even count. Thank you for making my experience so joyful.

Tammy and Sophie Butler