Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Molly & Saving Grace -

I wanted to give you an update on how Spirit is doing. We adopted him in February 2010. We added him to our family to give our 3-year dog a companion. He has adjusted wonderfully into our house and routine. He is extremely intelligent and is a quick learner. He has already learned numerous tricks such as sit, give paw, stay and lay down! He is a bundle of joy and energy and is so excited to see us that his entire body wags, shakes and wiggles! Whenever we take him somewhere everybody asks what type of dog he is and loves his coloring. We decided to name him Camo (short for camouflage) due to the uniqueness of his coloring.

Camo and our other dog, Maggie, get along great and have become good friends. He gets along well with other dogs and loves people! My mom also adopted a dog from you a little while back and they get along great as well! We couldn't be happier with our decision to get Camo. He is about 35 pounds now, getting bigger and smarter by the day. Thank you again for all of your help and you will be our first stop when we are ready to make another addition to the family!

Thank you,

Ryan Vinson


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Many of you may remember me as Star on the Saving Grace Web site. I was skin and bones, sick with heartworms and many other types of worms. Molly and my foster mom, Meghan, took really good care of me while I was waiting to go home with my new owner. I was a little worried when I left Saving Grace, but I quickly found out that my new home was so great! My new mom renamed me Scarlett and it suits me to a tee. I eat all the time and have gained a lot of weight. I am now a peppy little miniature Dachshund with a great figure! I love to chase squirrels and chew up toys. I really love my new home and new family. Thank you, Saving Grace, for helping me find my forever home! ~Scarlett

I am so happy that I decided to adopt from Saving Grace. It was an excellent experience and Molly was very helpful. Scarlett has brought so much happiness to my life over the past month and I look forward to a fun future with her.


Lili Grace

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Just wanted to drop a quick email to say thanks for what your organization does. We adopted Amy from you in March of 2008. We changed her name to Lili Grace. She is such a great dog and we can't imagine life without her!

One of the things I look forward to each day is coming home from work and Lili running to greet me at the door, then her snuggling up beside me in my chair. My wife and I are so thankful that you found Lili and that she is now part of our family. Thank you!

Brian & Amber Jarman

P.S. We made a Facebook page for her - http://www.facebook.com/LiLi.Grace.Jarman


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Animals have always been a major part of my life. I was lucky to have grown up in a family that felt the same way (except cats). When I was younger, I worked with the North Carolina Humane Foundation to help pass stronger laws and was a volunteer at the Wake County SPCA. I took shelter dogs to be on WRAL news, taught humane education to school children and business groups, helped with adoptions, and even did animal cruelty investigative work.

A couple of years ago, I found out about Saving Grace when my daughter adopted her dog, Hollie, from there. What a perfect angel dog! When my old Doberman died, I decided to get a small dog at Saving Grace, one who would be able to get along with our 130 pound German Shepherd. I checked out all the smaller dogs and this tiny little spirit came running up to me, put her paws on my bended knees, and looked up into my eyes. I was hooked and adopted my precious Sophia on the spot!

Since her adoption, she has received her therapy dog degree so we are mapping out places where she can win the hearts of those that need a warm ball of fur to embrace. I now do clerical work at Saving Grace and have driven dogs to low cost spay and neuter clinics. What I really enjoy doing is trying to think of creative ways to raise money for Saving Grace in honor of Sophia and the other remarkable dogs Molly has found, cleaned up, nurtured, and placed in loving homes. I am a cheerleader for getting other to adopt rescue dogs, especially one from Saving Grace!

A woman who adopted a dog Saving Grace took in from a cruelty case wrote that people stop her all of the time to say what a gorgeous dog she had. She tells them about the kind of life her dog had before Saving Grace rescued her. She said people always respond, “What a lucky dog she is!” She always responds, “Oh no, you don’t know how lucky I am to have her!” …and that is my sentiment exactly!

-Nancy White


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Hello! It's been a while since I've sent you a picture of our Munchkin, so here she is. We've had her for 4 years now and she is most definitely the QUEEN. We love her so much and can't imagine our life without her. :-) She is well, healthy and very loved.

Frances Gribbon

Stu and Pouchi

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We are the happiest parents in the world! Our boys are the sweetest lambs anyone could ask for. After we had Pouchi for about a year, we decided to adopt another chihuahua, mostly because Pouchi was so much like a cat, mainly sleeping the day away, licking himself, and occasionally purring.

We wanted a real dog and saw lil' Stu on the Web site. LOVE filled our hearts and we just had to have him. Stu is all boy and truly dog-like. He loves to play wrestle, do tug of war, chew bones, run like the wind, go for long walks, roll in the grass, and perform his tricks. Sometimes his behavior ruffles Pouchi's feathers, especially since Pouchi prefers the quiet perch of a sunlit window, a little soft, classical music with his evening meal, and he never likes to get his feet dirty by walking. He expects to be carried like a tiny prince wearing one of his cashmere sweaters. When these two worlds collide it can be a rough couple of minutes, but then they make up and go on with their day.

Overall, our blended family is a happy and blessed one. At this point we are home schooling them because Stu has some issues concentrating for long periods of time and gets easily distracted by any moving object. And although we haven't had them officially tested yet, it's obvious that they are gifted and will easily be accepted into any ivy league college of their choice. We are just keeping all of our options open.



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Hello, everyone at Saving Grace Rescue!

I used to be a resident at your wonderful rescue until I got adopted in October. I wanted to send you an update on how I am doing, and to thank you for your kindness and help in finding my family.

You may remember me as Lilly Bell, a lovable Bassett with loads of energy, an unharnessed drive for singing, and just wanting my endearing voice to be heard. The "new" me is Clarabelle or Claire for short. My parents like to call me Monkey because I have a special ability to climb and have no fear of heights. My favorite place is the kitchen table! I totally understand why cats feel so comfortable sleeping there.

I have 4 older brothers and 6 older sisters. We are a very tight unit, especially my two older Bassett sisters, Barbie Jo Money and Hanna.

The first day at home my parents gave me a very special toy that is all mine to make me feel safe. I treasure that toy with all my heart. Some dogs have security blankets, I have a security passy. I must sleep on at least 3 pillows with my passy every night. My sister Hanna likes to pick on me and tries to steal it, but I wake up the instant it is missing. Mom doesn't even have to tell me to pick it up and bring it to bed anymore, and I make sure to put it away in its own spot before I go to work. Mom says it would be nice it everyone else would pick up their own toys. I have plenty of other toys, but there is only one passy!

You will be happy to know I am a working girl now seven days a week. My Grandma owns RaeZor Grooming Boarding Daycare in Sanford, NC and my mom works there just as much as I do. What can I say...it's a family affair! I work in daycare everyday temperament-testing all the new daycare students, as well as teaching them how to play. I am the best at teaching all my new friends to sing. My mom LOVES to hear me howl. She has me practice at work and home at least 3 times a day. My great-grandma helps with the smaller pups in daycare and she makes me sing to her for crackers. She has the best crackers in the whole world!! Some Sunday afternoons I work the front desk and greet all the humans that come by to visit.

Yes, you could say I found my perfect match and it is all thanks to you. I would like to send a special thank you to my wonderful vet, Dr. Derby. Thank you so much for finding my mom and knowing she was a hound dog person. I love you very dearly, even though you have to give me shots.

Clarabelle Keiser-Perry

To every one at Saving Grace,

Thank you for saving Claire. She is such a blessing in my life. I would be absolutely lost without her. I tell Claire every day that God put her in my path because she was made especially for me.

Dr. D, I see you almost every day and you know how much I love you. I cannot thank you enough for giving me Claire. You knew from the moment I laid eyes on her I was in love. Thank you for make Claire my #11 and for always taking care of me and all my heathens. I would be just as lost without you as I would without Claire!

Jennifer Lee Keiser-Perry

Mollie Mae

dog pic

After losing one our dogs, we knew that getting another dog was the right thing to do - not just for us but for our remaining dog as well. We personally believed that adopting an unwanted dog was the only choice, but worried about potential behavior or health problems of a rescue organization dog. That’s when a friend told us about Saving Grace.

To me, Saving Grace is not a rescue organization, but a matchmaking service. Molly and Karen made sure that they understood our family dynamic and introduced us to the dogs that would effortlessly fit into our life. They insisted that we bring our other dog to Saving Grace and that we spent time with the dogs we were considering. The result is this wonderful new family member we call “Mollie Mae." Mollie Mae is a healthy, happy, well-behaved dog who loves having her own home. She loves to play, go on walks, eat graham crackers, and yes, rides on the back of my bike!

I can’t imagine the amount of work and tears that go into finding dogs, picking the ones to bring into Saving Grace (leaving so many behind), helping them become adjusted and healthy, making sure there is food and medicine available, and then finding them the right home. What I do know is that Mollie Mae and our family are very grateful to Saving Grace for all of this work.

Tom, Jo, Frances Rose, and Mollie Mae Mangum


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Driving 6 hours from Maryland to meet Sergeant March was well worth the drive. He is unique to the Nth degree. We named him Mosby and he is still learning his name. For now, he comes to us on his own time and terms unless there is a treat involved. He is a darling and loves to sleep on the couch next to me while I watch a movie. Sometimes when he snores I cannot help but laugh, but then again this is what I have come to expect of the little guy. He’s taken to his surroundings pretty quickly. He knows where to sleep and where to eat. Figured those out in the first couple days, which was awesome. He’s a smart little dude. He may be 8 but when he gets going for a treat or running around on the carpet you would never guess his age. He’s full of spunk and is a little speedster when he gets excited playing with us in the living room with his little red squeaky toy. He truly is a blessing in our lives and we could not ask for a better dog. Living with us has changed our lives and we hope that we have done the same for him.

Mary and Jesse


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We are so blessed to have Amstel in our family! She is an amazing dog who is being spoiled with much love. Her laid back personality fits our family beautifully. Seems like she has been with us since birth.

From Amstel:  Thank you, Saving Grace, for helping me find a forever home with the Sobols.  After just two months in my new home, I am completely at ease and so happy. Good news, I am finally healthy! Those pesty antibiotics gave me a yeast infection in my ears and it is finally gone. I am so lucky they have a great vet who I love visiting. The kids are full of energy and love on me constantly - makes for a fabulous relationship! They snuggle with me, run with me, play with me, feed me, walk me, give me treats, leave toys behind for me to chew (I know I am not supposed to do this but who can resist a ball or cute stuffed animal), and they have even been helping teach me commands.  This nice guy has worked with all of us so I could learn some manners, having had none before coming home with them.  I know sit, down, come, look, stay, leave it, and I can jump over doggie hurdles too.  Tried this last week for the first time and made it 4 feet over.  Wow, I even impressed myself! I am doing well on the leash, except when I catch the scent of the deer or spot a squirrel. Oh yeah, we live right next door to two amazing parks that I get to visit daily. I meet other four-legged friends there and get plenty of rubs from the many, many kids.  I like to give them all kisses.  I am not that same skinny dog anymore.  In fact. last week a woman stopped Mom to ask her what she was feeding me because I looked so good. I am up to 59 pounds - perfect for my size. They constantly remind me how smart I am and how much they love me. I am a very lucky pup.  Thank you for rescuing me and finding me a family.

Molly, thank you for all you do to help the dogs and for giving families the opportunity to adopt such deserving pets.  We\\\\\\'ll send some more updates soon!

  Stephanie Sobol