Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hi, Molly,

We are so happy with Clyde! He has made a great addition to our family and our whole neighborhood. Everyone loves him and he has plenty of dog friends to play with. Both Kim and I are amazed at how sweet and well behaved he is. We don't think we could have chosen a better puppy to adopt. We do think back and wish we had gotten Bonnie as well...we hope that she has found a good home and is loved as much as we love Clyde! Thank you for everything!



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Hi there!

Sarah is doing wonderful! She is a real part of our family. My son is obsessed with her and she is extremely fond of him as well (probably because he is a good food source!). And we can't even take her in the car without her brother because she freaks out! She is super attached to him. Wants to be around either him or me at all times.

Hope all is well over there at Saving Grace! Once I have this baby I'll be back helping out with the pups:)


Roo and Stu

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Roo and Stu, happy and healthy!


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Hi, Molly,

Tootie - now Josie - is doing very well! She fits in perfectly with our lifestyle - goes for runs with us a couple days each week and enjoys relaxing at home. We are a few weeks into a training class and she is a very quick learner. She loves the practice sessions we do every night and would probably bring us the clicker to get started if she could reach where we store it. She has sit and lay down figured out and is getting good at stay, place, and tricks like turning in circles on command and touching my hand with her nose.

We've also gotten many good laughs at her preference to 'bury' any treat we give her while she is in her crate and then go hunt for them when she is out. She still gets nervous in the car, but she is getting much better as we take more trips to 'fun' things like the park and training. Thanks so much for helping us find the perfect dog!



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Lizzy is doing so well! We are on vacation and she has been playing nicely (very actively!!) with my parents' two giant Bouvier pups. She has been swimming a ton, too, and hasn't coughed after sprinting around like a rocket. Our vet said that she won't need a checkup for six months! We are continuing with the heartworm pills and every five or six weeks a flea and tick topical thing, but she hasn't really ever seemed itchy and we haven't found any ticks on her yet. She is a great family dog!!! When we get back we will be signing up for some obedience classes :). We love her!

Sam, Derek And Elizabeth


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Hi, Molly and Meghan!

Evan's doing so great! He's such a sweetheart. He's shy when people come to meet him, but does fine after a warm-up period. He gets along great with the other dogs, and he's really taken a liking to our other littlest- one, Toby. Evan looks up to Toby like a big brother to show him the routines, how to be a good dog, etc. :) He follows him around all the time. He and I have bonded pretty well -- he sleeps right next to me on the bed. He has his favorite toy -- a plush candy cane. He'll usually bring it to bed with him. Plush toys are his favorite. We're still working on potty training. He's had a handful of accidents in the house, but he now knows what "go potty" means and I think I can tell when he has to go.

It took him about a week to warm up to eating here, but he LOVES his food and treats now :) He does great with his crate. I have a dog-cam and he sleeps peacefully when we're at work. Overall things are great and we're all happy with each other! Thanks again!

Greg and Julie


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Adopting from this facility is the best thing you could ever do.

Hello! My name is Peyton and I found my forever home through your generous, caring and loving facility. My twin sister and I were found on the side of the road in a rural area of SC when we were only weeks old. Saving Grace rescued us and promised that we would eventually find someone to love us as much as we could love ..... and that is a lot!

My daddy drove over 100 miles to adopt me after seeing my picture and profile on Saving Grace's Web site. He has a wonderful home where I have two fluffy beds, one in the family room and one in the bedroom bedside where my daddy sleeps. I always get a little gravy in my regular food each night, and sometimes a kibble from the kitchen table. We take walks 3 times a day where I can get plenty of exercise and fresh air. We have friends in the mountains who have a cabin and we go there regularly to play with their Lab named Chester.

Life couldn't be any better ... Oh, did I mention the toys?? I have a big box full of them and we play tug of war each night. My favorite ones are the ones that squeak and Daddy is great at making them talk back. I love him so much..........WE ARE INSEPARABLE! Thank you, Saving Grace, for saving me and finding my daddy. From the bottom of our heart...We love you ! Peyton (Pey -Pey)


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Hello, Molly!

Lexi is now Meg and everything is going great! She is in puppy obedience classes every Wednesday night. She is the smartest and calmest in class! We take her for 2 mile walks every day. She is now long-legged and has gained 10 pounds over the past three weeks. There is only one problem though: she is so spoiled she thinks that she is the alpha! We are so happy that we have adopted Meg (Lexi). She is a big bundle of joy and brightens up our day.

Sincerely, Tim, Malissa, Summer, & Nutmeg Eisel.


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Shasta, now Maggie, is doing great! She has settled in so nicely! She is fun and cute and easily picked up on our routine. My alpha Aussie has adapted very well, much to my relief. The cats have adapted too. Maggie is so smart. She has already finished the first series of obedience classes and did very well, especially with the agility equipment on graduation night. We are looking for another class hoping to get her CDC and then it's off to a therapy dog class.

Thanks for all your group did to bring her into our lives. It's hard to imagine life without her now.

Susan, Doug, Maggie, Jessie and the 3 cats


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I had long ago planned to write a paragraph about our special girl, Rumor, who I adopted from Saving Grace in March of 2009. Rumor was my very first dog and was nothing short of perfect. She was a social butterfly - the sweetest, most well-behaved little girl a first time dog owner could ask for. My husband and I took her everywhere with us: shopping, camping, the dog park, the beach, out to dinner, you name it. She was the center of our world. She showed me the true meaning of ďmanís best friend.Ē She let me cry on her shoulder, literally, when I was sad, she sat by my side when I hurt myself, and she made me laugh every single day.

We lost our little angel suddenly, in February of 2011, to cancer. She was just two years old. It was the most devastating, traumatic loss of our lives. But as heartbreaking as it was to lose Rumor so unexpectedly, we believe she had a plan for us. When we came back to donate some of her things to Saving Grace, a few weeks later, we met Tallulah, who, letís face it, looked a lot like Rumor, but couldnít have been more different. We made the decision to adopt Tallulah a week after meeting her, probably for the wrong reasons, but now she is our pride and joy, and we donít regret that decision in the least. We believe Rumor stepped aside to make room in our home for another dog in need of love. Molly, you gave me Rumor and Rumor gave me a purpose; to love and care for dogs for the rest of my life. There are no words I can say to express how grateful I am that you gave me my own Saving Grace.

Eternal thanks,
Emily Rodrigues