Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hi, Molly and everyone (and dogs!) - Shorty has adjusted very well (amazingly well!) to his new home. And I'm happy to say that our other dogs have welcomed him very easily, too. He and Teddy are best buddies, and play tug of war and wrestle for hours every day!

Shorty has been with us only two weeks, but already we don't know what we ever did without him! He has the cutest personality and the most intelligent look in his eyes, but is definitely a mischief maker! Sometimes we jusst look at him and wonder where he's been, what he's been through, what he's had to deal with. But I have a feeling that we really don't want to know the details and we're hoping that he realizes that he will be loved and cared for here for the rest of his life.

Shorty's first trip to the beach was fun for all of us. He didn't quite know what to do, so for a little while he kind of walked around in circles! Then when he figured out that he liked the ocean, he played in the waves as long as we would let him! He is a little ball of fun, energy and love.

He also had his first visit to our vet today, who fell in love with him instantly. The entire staff said that he is just a great dog! And we agree, he really is. We are so grateful to you for rescuing him and taking care of him until we could get there to bring him home. We're so fortunate to have found him!

Thank you for all that you do, every day, to take care of these precious dogs and find them good homes!

Lisa Burney

P.S. We didn't change his name because "Shorty" just fits him so well!


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Hi, Molly! We wanted to send you and Saving Grace a huge thank you for introducing us to Obi (formerly known as Pringle). We brought him home a few weeks ago and he's really adjusted well.

He's already had two baths, 54 meals, 72 walks, 0 accidents, 2 window blinds, 1 bag of treats and a million hugs. We can't thank you enough for caring for him during his brief stay with you. Obi has completed our family.

Feel free to post our thank you on the site - I want others to know how wonderful your rescues are! I'm spreading the word to all I know.

Nicole Robbins


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We brought Maggie home two days before Thanksgiving 2009, and have been giving thanks for her and Saving Grace every day since! At Saving Grace she was named Selma, but once at home she became Maggie (aka Maggie-Moo or Miss Moo). There were so many dogs and puppies to meet, but every time I turned around, I saw my husband squatting down, with Maggie licking his face. We didn’t pick her; she picked us – and we’re so glad she did!

Maggie has made herself at home here, and we can’t imagine life without her. She makes us laugh every day with her antics. She has so much personality and can be quite a bundle of energy, then the next minute she’s so mellow and laid back. She has made great friends with our American Eskimo rescue (not an easy feat), and they play together every day. Maggie’s two favorite games are tug (with any toy she can find), and chasing the Frisbee. Every evening she stands at the door to the closet where the Frisbee is stored, asking if it’s time to play yet. She’s quite a jumper, and can get great “hang time”, which results in some spectacular catches.

We are so grateful to you for all the hard work and love you give for these animals. Thank you for giving them a chance at a wonderful life, and thank you for giving us a wonderful life with Maggie.

Melissa and Kevin Estep

Phyllis Diller

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Phyllis Diller came to MY rescue on March 16, 2010. I can't sufficiently express how much she has touched my life since she arrived with Susan at the Rochester, NY airport.

I'm happy to report that she has adjusted extremely well and we are truly a bonded pair! She comes to work with me once or twice a week. Everyone who meets her is impressed with her sweet personality. Philly's hair is filling in, and her belly has filled out! She's now a whopping 11 healthy pounds. She's quite the little hiker and loves to accompany me off-leash on daily walks through the area parks. She's a snuggler, and an all-around character.

Your organization has truly impacted my life and touched my heart. Thank you for enrusting Phyllis to my care. I'm honored.

With care,

Kathy Hoomans


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Wanted to finally update you on Ellie (formerly Annie May) whom we adopted in April. She is such a sweet girl and has adapted very well to our household and schedules. She had a busy spring going to soccer games and baseball games and walking the boys home from school. She is now enjoying the lazy days of summer. Ellie gets along great with all the neighborhood dogs and children and they all love seeing her. She is very smart and the boys enjoy playing catch with her and teaching her tricks. She just loves her fenced in yard and all the birds, squirrels and bunnies. Thank you for rescuing her (and for all the dogs you and your staff care for) and for bringing her into our lives. We could not imagine our days without her!
The Harger family


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Hi, Molly! I just wanted to give you and Karen an update on Willow. Willow, now known as Prudence - Prudy for short - (all our dogs have Beatles song names) is doing wonderfully! She has settled in and made herself at home. She has the most endearing personality and we just love her. Even our other two dogs have gotten used to the idea that she is here to stay! And we can't say enough about how we appreciate that she came to us already crate trained and house trained!

Prudy is a gentle player and always up for anything active, although I think she is starting to settle down a little and is coming to appreciate a good nap on the couch too! We have had hours of amusement playing fetch in the back yard and just watching her explore our house. We have nicknamed her "slinky dog" because she will move the front of her body and let the other half just slink along after her as she is climbing over furniture or people.

Prudence's biggest triumph so far is wooing our dog Penny. Prudy patiently persisted in getting Penny's (our people-focused dog's) attention. She made multiple attempts a day, sometimes lying close to her and slowly inching close to her or sometimes being a little more daring and going right for face kisses. Penny would just worriedly waddle over to me, but just yesterday she finally succeeded in getting her to play tag in the yard! And now as we speak they are napping on the couch together! Sweet success!

The main reason I am e-mailing you is to tell you thank you! We were just so totally impressed by what you do - your beautiful property, the application process, how you care for the dogs, just everything. In the process of finding a dog to adopt we came into contact with several organizations that, how shall I say this.....left a bad taste in our mouth. They had such unreasonable expectations and requirements. In one case we jumped through all their hoops (including a home visit and detailed conversations with three of our references) only to be told that they were only going to let the dog go to a family where someone was going to be home all day - just ridiculous.

Thank you for making this such an easy process where we felt validated as good people who can provide a loving home to our dogs. You recognize that a family looking for a rescue dog is doing so because of their love of dogs and that the more dogs you place, the more you save. We have told everyone we know about our experience and will continue to do so.

I am looking forward to staying in touch and hopefully being able to help you in any way we can. I have started collecting things off your request list and when we are financially able, will be making monetary donations. But in the meantime I would love to volunteer my time once a month or so, cleaning, spreading the word, updating Internet stuff - doing whatever you need help with. Thank you so much!
Katie Fish


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*** Congratulations to newlyweds Heather and Mark! ***

Dear Molly and Saving Grace,

Five years ago this week you introduced me to Max (then Trevor). I had talked to you about wanting to bring a friend into my life. I told you about my daily routines and my hopes to make a rescue dog part of it. You contacted me when you found Max. Max had heartworms, was very underweight, and had patches of fur missing. I do not know what type of life Max led before we met, but at some point he learned to be fearful. This breaks my heart most about what Max has had to go through.

When I met Max, he ate food from my hand and when I picked him up, he put his head on my shoulder. I fell in love instantly! Max became a part of my family. Max gained weight, even though he is only about 9.5 lbs, and stopped chewing on his skin with a stable diet. Although Max is still timid, he has learned to trust both people and animals. I am so proud of him when he walks up to a new person or animal without ducking his head or trembling.

Two years after Max and I became a family, I met Mark, my soon-to-be husband. We are getting married this weekend. He could not help but fall in love with Max too. We are all so very happy! Max’s favorite place is the couch and his favorite activity is to have his belly rubbed.

I cannot begin to thank you for what you do every day and what you and the Saving Grace volunteers did for my Max. In a very small and humble way, we hope to express our thankfulness by providing a monetary gift ($500 given via PayPal) in honor of our Max during our upcoming wedding in lieu of a traditional wedding favor. We will also be letting our guests know how Max became such an important part of our lives. Our lives would not be the same without him.

Thank you for everything!


Heather, Mark and Max


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Hello, Saving Grace!

My husband and I wanted to share some photos of our Bella with you. We also wanted to let you know how grateful we are that you saved her. She is truly our saving grace. She is sweet, obedient, and always happy. Although she is the only dog in the household, she enjoys doggy daycare at least twice a week and visits the dog bakery quite often. She is healthy and much loved. We hope her siblings have found wonderful homes as well. She is an excellent companion and I know she will keep me company when my husband deploys this year. Thank you so much for all that you do!!


Erica and William
Midlothian, VA


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We could not be more thrilled with our new addition from Saving Grace: Hudson! My husband and I have wanted a dog for years but had been waiting for the right time. We tell each other all the time that we were just waiting for Hudson! He loves to run and play, trips to the dog park (he's a social butterfly), chasing tennis balls and sticks, and taking naps by the window. I've also nicknamed him "the lover" because he's so lovable and friendly to everyone and every dog he meets! He hardly ever barks, and was housetrained from the moment we brought him home (a blessing and a surprise!). We had our first trip to the beach last weekend and Hudson LOVES the sand - couldn't get enough of running around and digging holes under our beach chairs! We now tell everyone about Saving Grace. We're lifetime fans and as soon as it's feasible to get a buddy for Hudson, we'll be returning to Saving Grace. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives! Hudson sends kisses!

Louis, Delisa and Hudson Reavis


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Hello to everyone at Saving Grace! My name is Casey, and I’ve been in my forever home for 5 years now. I am so happy now that I don’t remember the bad things that happened before you rescued me. About three years ago, one of my humans had a very difficult battle with an illness, and I showed them just how great of a therapy dog I could be!

Thank you so much for finding me in the Johnston County animal shelter and helping me find my forever home!

On April 23, 2010, we celebrated Casey’s fifth anniversary with us. To Molly and everyone at Saving Grace, thank you for the wonderful work you do in finding homes for all of these deserving souls!

Tony and Jean Schibler
Durham, NC