Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

Hi, Molly,

Zeus is doing great! When we first saw Zeus on your Web site, you mentioned in his description that he likes to hike and sure enough he does. We have brought him to the Mount Mitchell, Pilot Mountain, and Black Mountain. He loved every minute of it!

About a month ago we found out that he loves snow as well and he goes wild playing and eating it. He has transitioned nicely to our busy lifestyle and with some training he has turned into the perfect dog for our family. Thanks for such a wonderful dog!

Jessica Rosera


dog pic

Molly -

Annie is now called Fontana and she has quickly become part of the family! She is full of energy, friendly with all our guests, and gentle with children. She has become a special part of our lives!

The Cefalus


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Just wanted to let you know that we are so glad Athena (formerly Hankie) came to live with us! She and our 13-year-old dog have become great friends. The older dog seems to have gotten more energetic since Athena arrived. She is a great snuggler and makes us all laugh with her terrier personality! Her favorite spot is our tiled bay window - we put her dog bed up there with the plants and she likes to sleep in the sun and keep an eye on the neighborhood. She also loves to dig for voles in the backyard, which is what she had just finished doing when this picture was taken. Fortunately, she's very relaxed about baths and cleanups, so a little mud is no problem. We took a behavior class at K9 Solutions and Athena did wonderfully. We may take another class in the spring. Everyone thought I was crazy to adopt a second dog, but it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Jennifer Norton and Athena


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I hope this holiday season finds you happy and healthy! It certainly is for us...thanks in large part to Ginny (formerly Kiwi)! She got her name for her beautiful ginger-colored coat and matching eyes. She has brought unbelievable love and joy to our family in so many ways!

Firstly, our physical health has improved thanks to our almost daily or nightly walks with her. She has become a celebrity of sorts as we stroll the streets of our neighborhood. Her sweet demeanor has earned many friends, both canine and human.

The Christmas season has been magical, complete with a lovely snowfall for romping while the family sledded in the yard. We keep saying that we can't remember our lives before she joined the family and that we can't imagine any other dog bringing us so much joy! She's not just perfect, she's perfect for us! Our thanks to you and all the volunteers who make Saving Grace the wonderful organization that it is. We highly recommend your group to anyone.

All the best in 2011!

Kelly, Richard, Cullen, Lily and Ginny


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Gem was a very shy guy when we first met. He did not want to walk on the leash or get in the car with me. On our way home from Saving Grace, he would not even look out the window or eat the special treat I brought for him, hoping to seal our friendship.

Four months later, I have a hard time getting in the car without him! He is always ready for a trip so he can look out the window. He loves walks outside, jumping on the trampoline with my 8 yr. old son and playing catch. Yes, Gem can really catch! He also sits, begs and speaks on request.

Gem seems so happy with us! He loves people and other animals but gives a big dog bark to any strangers that come to our door. Gem is so much a part of our family! Thank you, Saving Grace, for saving Gem for us!

Zina Sutton


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Hi, Molly!

Who knew?! Colby LOVES sweaters! I bought him one when it got cold and before I could open the neck to put it on him, he was nosing into it, lol!

We have had a couple of issues with him barking and lunging at people and cars, but I have been doing some research and have started "loose leash" training with him, which I had learned with my former dog but had forgotten. Today when we walked, he was soon keeping an eye on me and although there was only one distraction, he didn't bark or lunge. Tomorrow I am hoping for two distractions!

Colby is a complete delight! We have spent the last four weeks getting to know each other and setting up a routine. Evenings are now filled with walks and fetch and love. What fun!

Thank you for all you do, Molly. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Melanie and Colby


dog pic

Merry Christmas from the Steele family !!

Yes, Dakota (formerly Casey) is GREAT!! She gets tons of love and attention from our family. Until it got so cold, she was going on 5-6 walks in the neighborhood a day. She is doing much better with potty training in the house and is about 43 lbs. She is so sweet and gives plenty of licks to all! She has yet to met a person or dog that she does not like.

I have to admit the only complaint we might say is that her nose gets her into trouble.....like when something smells good and is sitting on the kitchen counter/table tempting her and she grabs and eats it. :-)

We had some neighbors move in a couple of months ago and I told them about Saving Grace. They came yesterday and adopted the adorable lab mix, Josie, from y'all !! I am so happy for them. Dakota and she can play together.

We love our sweet hound so much and my daughter is thrilled to finally have the dog she asked us for these past 8 years!

Best Wishes to all of you, your volunteers and your dogs,

Heather Steele


dog pic

Dear Molly,

Henley (formerly known as Jasper) is doing terrific!! She fits right in here. She is very sweet and plays and plays and plays with Hector, our male! We walk both of them every evening and we just got back! I have attached a picture of her and Hector.

I have passed on your name to others who have inquired about a great place to adopt. Your place is so lovely and all the dogs seem very happy and obviously we adore Henley. Thank you for her! Merry Christmas!

Megan Heilman


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Hi, Molly!

Otis is a wonderful dog! He recently had another test for heartworms and was still negative. We go on regular walks in Durant Nature Park. Otis is always ahead and I let him lead, except should he start down a path I don't want to go, I just say casually, "No, this way." Immediately Otis switches to the path I want him to take, though most of the time he just senses where I want him to go.

When I first brought him home I had him go into a crate for the night to play it safe. I did the same the second night, and Otis dutifully went into the crate as he is very obedient. On the third night I went to the crate and held the door for Otis while saying, "Come on, Otis." He looked at me and then independently, walked over to where his dog bed laid on the floor, as if to say, "Enough of that, you know I don't need to use the crate." I got the message and put the crate away. I realized Otis understood I would understand!

Actually Otis and I are a perfect fit. He loves to walk and when he walks he is on a mission to detect anything that has crossed our path. He is a hunter. I appreciate him and he appreciates me. I thought after my two wonderful Australian Cattle Dogs, any other dog might disappoint me. Well, Otis has taken a place with them in my regard. I feel very fortunate to have him as a companion.

My regards,

Bob Charron


dog pic


I am sorry I haven't sent you an update earlier. Fifi, who is now Lucy, is doing great! She has been the perfect dog for our family. She is incredibly patient with the children. Even my 2 year old can take her for walks without being pulled too hard. The girls treat her like a baby and she seems to love it. She even likes going for rides in the babydoll stroller.

She has put on some weight and has done well with house training. We have learned that as long as we take her for short walks 3-4 times a day she won't have any accidents, but if we get lazy, then we pay for it! She still sleeps in her crate at night and goes in there throughout the day for some "quiet time." She really has been perfect for us, she hasn't been too much work for Roger and me, and the kids love her!

We have recommended Saving Grace to so many friends because it was such a great experience!

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Shannon Montague