Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

I wanted to drop you a picture and update on Abby! We adopted her on Oct. 26th so we are coming up on our 5th month with her. We kept the name that was given to her because we thought it fit.

Not ever having adopted an adult dog before, my husband and I went into this knowing that we would have some work to do, but Abby has been quite the intelligent learner. She was not very trusting of people at all when we first brought her home (understandable since she came from a puppy pill), but with lots of walks around our neighborhood and meeting nice people who were willing to take the time with her when I explained her situation, she has become quite the little social butterfly! This only took about a month - she now runs up to people to visit with them, something I did not know if I would ever see from her.

We take her to our beach home with us regularly so she has acclimated to two homes now. She loves walking on the beach and the first time I let her off leash to just run, I wish I had captured it on video... she was SO happy running around without the confines of anything holding her back! When we called her, she would come running right back to us with her ears flying in the wind. The joy on her little face literally brought tears to my eyes because I knew it was something she had never experienced before, coming from a puppy mill.

I have attached a picture of her resting in one of her many beds – this one is her favorite! Thank you, Molly, for accepting my adoption application to come out and visit Abby on that day in October – it has forever changed our lives for the better! Abby has captured our hearts and we could not love her more!

Ann & Al


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We are IN LOVE!!! We've renamed her Rennie (formerly Brindy). She is adorable, polite, funny, smart and full of life. I take her on several walks each day to keep her energy level manageable. She is great on the leash, has not had any accidents in the house, sleeps in her crate and is just plain wonderful.

My younger son (college senior) came home with some fraternity brothers a few days after we got her. Rennie was a hit! One of the boys commented that she had kind eyes. They loved her!

I have signed us up for basic obedience classes with K9 Solutions beginning next month. I am telling everyone about your wonderful program. You all got her off to such a good start! And you helped heal my sad, sad heart after the death of our 14 year old Jazz. Thank you so much!


dog pic

Hello Molly, Megan and everybody at Saving Grace!

Here is a shot of Hannibal (as in the famed general of Carthage!), formerly known as Espresso. WE LOVE HIM!

He is healthy, active and happy, and has not met a person or other dog he doesn't like. He and Mommy (that would be me) start puppy school on Monday, so wish us luck! Meantime, here he is with a picture of his dad, along with the acknowledged leader of his "wolf pack," Angus the cat.

We will keep you posted with pictures!

Thank you for connecting us with Hannibal (Espresso)!

Mary Novitsky


dog pic


I feel bad taking so long to let you know how wonderful Finn is! We adopted him last April; he was Walter from a litter of of four puppies. I knew as soon as I saw his picture he was perfect for us, even though I was looking for an adult, not a puppy! He has always been perfect in his crate, never whines or cries, and was housebroken from day one! My Jack Russell, Pixie loves him and so do the cats. He gets along with everyone and is a perfect gentleman. He has been through Beginner and Intermediate Obedience and did great in both. He and Pixie love the dog park, and he is great when I babysit friends\\' dogs. I could not have chosen a better companion for us! Thanks for saving him and his family so he could be part of ours!!

Robin and Andy Russell


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Molly, it has been some time since we adopted Zena (brown Dobi) and I just realized we had not written to you! Zena is a wonderful addition to our family and has become an inseparable buddy to Macy (our other adopted friend). They own the back yard and terrorize every living thing that moves back there from birds to squirrels to bugs. We realize that these animals are lucky to be adopted but the reality of it is simply that we are the lucky ones!

Zena has become so much a part of our family it is hard to remember what it was like without her. Thanks to you and everyone at Saving Grace for thinking of us and for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of Zena's life. It was hard to imagine why anyone would have given her up but the reason is clear now: to allow us to love her and for Macy to have a life long friend!

Take care and Happy New Year!

The Sanders Family


dog pic

Hi, Molly!!!

Here is an update about Lizzie, the little Lab retriever mix we adopted back in October. We have since named her Mazie - after much deliberation!

She is doing great! I can't tell you how much we enjoy her. She's grown so much but she still has the sweetest puppy face expressions! She has fit into the family with no problems at all. I took her training very seriously and it has really, really paid off. Her easygoing temperament made it very easy to train her! She is great around the house and we have no problems with her going into the kennel at night.

Now she can sleep where she wants at night. She is great on the leash - I think she'd be good even off leash and I think she would listen to me and recall easily.

Mazie is very loyal and always wants to be hanging out wherever we are in the house. She is very lovable and playful but polite about it at the same time.

We just truly love Mazie! I can't believe our luck in getting such a truly wonderful dog!! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to bring her into and enrich our lives!

Penny Majerus


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Hazel (formerly Montana) is doing great! She is getting along with my cats, and even curls up to sleep with one of them sometimes. We’ve completed a basic obedience class, so I’m starting to get trained. (Well, actually, we’re repeating obedience class, but we’ve made great progress!) She has a best friend in the neighborhood who we visit at lunchtime for playdates. And she goes to a friend’s house one day a week to spend the whole day playing in a big fenced yard with a big golden retriever. She looks like Mini-Me with him. My own yard is scheduled to be fenced a couple weeks from now, so we’re looking forward to a lot more running around in the yard and hopefully even some agility training in the future - she seems to be a natural!




dog pic

How he spends most of his days . He is the most perfect dog for Amy...THANKS YOU SO MUCH!


dog pic

Hi, Molly and everyone at Saving Grace!

Just a note to give you an update on Cali (formerly known as Sassy). She would love to be included as a “Happy Tails” story on your Web site!

When I first found the Saving Grace Web site, I kept returning to the profile of an adorable little Chihuahua named Sassy. I just knew she was the one for us, even after meeting several great dogs on the day we visited. And that has proven to be so true! Her name is now Cali and she is as wonderful as we could have ever dreamed! She is a great combination of live wire and snuggly sweetheart. She loves to play, especially to zoom around the yard at top speed, but she is equally content snuggling under a blanket on the couch to watch a movie. She is a smart little girl, quickly picking up the routines of the household and learning the meaning of many words and phrases. She has a wonderful personality and everyone she meets is impressed with her sweetness. We are so happy that we found her!

I am sure that the loving care she received from her Saving Grace foster mom was a big factor in how easily she transitioned to our family. Thank you for the Happy Tails stories on the Web site – it has been fun to see updates on the other dogs we met during our visit. We recommend Saving Grace to everyone who is considering adopting a dog. Thank you so much!

Pam & Drew Spivey


dog pic

Dear Molly,

We are having an awesome time blending Happy (now called Matilda) into our family! She was very quick to pick up “come when called,” “sit,” “down,” and walking on a loose leash. She is working on “stay,” and is very close to having it all the time!

She loves to play fetch with her toy ferret, and we are hoping to work on some Frisbee skills! Sadly, she ate the first one we tried, so back to the drawing board!

She is learning house manners VERY quickly and now waits patiently for her food-filled Kong, while we set big sister Fill’s food out. We are super proud of her for that! She is having a slightly harder time grasping that socks are not her toys, but she is close to getting it!

She and Fill are getting along very well! Matilda sometimes wants to snuggle a little more than Fill, but that’s okay - they do a good job of working it out between themselves, and spend most of their days wrestling, playing, and sleeping!

We are so thankful to you for bringing Happy/ Matilda into our lives!

Arjay and Cathy