Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hi, Molly,

Thanks again for checking in on Dorothy (now she's Maddie). Her big brother Ferris (Saving Grace Class of June 2007) is taking very good care of her and they are having a great time! Maddie has been a wonderful addition to the family and from the first day she came into our home, it seemed like she was always here. She is so well behaved and so very loving. If the parents of Windy and Twister as well as the other three of her puppies ever need to contact us for any reason, please feel free to share our contact information.

I am sure she was a wonderful mother to the five young men she brought into the world during the tornado. Thanks again for everything and please keep doing the wonderful work that you do. It has certainly enriched our family!

Michael, Teresa, Ferris and Maddie Evans


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Hi Molly,

Just a quick update on Olive. She is settling in very well and is really starting to feel at home. She walks on her leash beautifully, eats like a horse and loves to play with her stuffed animal toys. She spends most her days resting in our home office until it's about time for the school bus to arrive, then she stretches and waits excitedly by the door for Katie to come home. When she hears that bus coming she can hardly contain herself until the door opens and her favorite playmate returns!

Although she's only about 12 pounds, she definitely thinks she's a much bigger dog. She immediately stole Gus' big bed, leaving him to try and cram his huge body into her little bed. Now they each have their own big bed, problem solved. Thanks again for finding such a wonderful addition to our home!

Nancy Tan


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I wanted to be Facebook Friends with you because I found (or rather you found him for me) Archie 4 years ago at your rescue group. He's my best friend! He's completely spoiled rotten and loved more than anything else in my life. My parents routinely "steal" him because they love him so much. They've actually bought my plane tickets for trips and I'm positive it's only because they want him all to themselves. Here's a picture of Gracie Lou, our family dog(left) and Archie (right).

Your love and dedication to rescuing these wonderful dogs has been an absolute BLESSING to my life and I know many others. I love to tell where I got Archie because I know how well you care for the dogs you rescue. Thank you so much for all you do for these animals and the people who are blessed by these dogs.

Dana Lynn Stephenson


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Hi, Molly ~

Just wanted to give you an update on Ebony (we renamed her Raine, as it was raining the day we brought her home). She has adjusted well into our family. She is really good with my girls. She and my two-year-old spend many hours during the day playing on the screened in porch and kitchen. She loves to feed her each day and help with walks. My eight-year-old is helping with teaching her good doggy manners and tricks/commands. She is so sweet, even when she is exhibiting those not so cute puppy behaviors :)

I feel so blessed that I found Saving Grace. We thank you so much. We will try to make it to Milton's next week. Take care.

Jennifer Stroud


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Announcing the NEW LIFE of Gracie Garson, formerly of Caldwell County, now very cushily and comfortably ensconced in Orange County!

Her name may not be unique for adoptees from Saving Grace, but she is a very special one to us! We went for a volunteer work day to Saving Grace, and were way more than impressed with the dynamics of this wonderful place. I have told friends it is like “dogs have died and gone to heaven, except without the death part” - happy dogs, many running freely, socializing, AMAZING!

Gracie ran up to me while I was sitting on a log in one of the fenced in fields, wagging and promptly going belly up for a tummy rub. She stayed in my mind as I went about the tasks of the day, and we decided to proceed with adoption in short order. Gracie came home on my birthday, met her canine and human sibs, and has done beautifully! She does not mess in the house, but does still want to run to the empty kennel cage rather than outdoors to do her “business” - totally understandable and we are working on it. She delightfully curls up between our pillows and sleeps without a peep for as long as WE sleep - a GREAT trait in a dog! Our veterinary practice was extremely impressed with the quality of care Saving Grace provides, especially the fact that a full dental cleaning was part of the pre-adoption care.

Friends do come in all sizes. Thank you, Molly, and all who make Saving Grace the special place it is!


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Hi, Molly!

Ginger (aka Clementine) is such a wonderful addition to our family. We could not have asked for a better dog! She is very sweet and loving and gets along great with our Husky. They started playing together the first night we brought her home, and have not missed a day of romping around since.

Ginger loves to sit in our lap when we sit in the recliner and that has become a nightly routine for her. Wesley (age 10) loves to cuddle with her, and when he is having a bad day, the first thing he does is pick her up for some love and comfort. Ginger is the best birthday present he has ever gotten! We always tell people that she picked us to be her family that day. We were there to look at a different dog that did not work out, so we stayed and visited with the dogs and staff for awhile. All of a sudden, this little cutie came running up to me wagging her tail. She was not ready for adoption so we were not supposed to see her, but she jumped a fence and came running! I think she must have known we were supposed to be her family. She has made us very happy and we thank you for helping us bring her into our home.

The Meyers


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Hi Molly,

We just wanted to give you an update on Jack Daddy (formerly Frank of Frank and Beans). We adopted Jack a little over 3 years ago. He has been an absolute gem! We honestly could not ask for a better dog. While he is high strung and always looking for something to get into, he has been a fantastic dog.

He has never met a dog or person he does not like. He is always up for anything and has no hesitation jumping right in the car! Jack loves walks, the dog park and the lake. He is not a great swimmer, but he loves to splash around in the water. From day 1 there have been no behavior problems. He got along fantastically with our other dog, was potty trained, walked nicely on a leash, etc. He is absolutely the love of our lives.

Jack was not the dog we were looking for when we first met him, but he has turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. We have 2 other dogs, Mr. Jiggles (a Chihuahua) and Anya (a German Shepherd) and they are a perfect blend. Thank you so much for bringing Jack in to our lives and for everything you do for all the Saving Grace dogs!

Take care,

Michelle Atkinson and Michael Lee


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Today is Miss Lucy's one year anniversary of adoption. I wanted to let you know how she is doing. I still can't believe its been a year already. It feels like she's been apart of our family forever. I guess that just shows you how well she fits in. From the start, she has made herself feel right at home. She is so in love and very protective of our two boys. So protective, in fact, that if my husband and I tickle or chase the boys around to where they scream and laugh, she will try and herd us away from them! She will do to us too but it's so sweet seeing that those are “her” boys. :)

Not a day goes by that we don't love having her. Everyone tells us how calm and perfect she is AND of course how beautiful she is. No one believes she was a puppy mill breeder. Lucy has come a long way from a year ago in her appearance and her shyness. Her coat is shiny and full! She has gained more weight and looks great. Lucy is a sweet heart and I believe she can tell how you feel. She knows when I'm sad and will be by my side or jump in bed with me so I can snuggle. Daddy is deployed right now so she's been an extra love bug with me. When the baby cries, she sits out by his door or by his crib until I come and get him. She loves going for walks and enjoys snack time 'cause she gets to help clean up, ha ha!

At first she wasn't a fan of the car but now Lucy will jump right in and go with you to the store, park, beach, joy rides and her favorite...her groomer's house!!! Lucy will let you brush or pet her all day if you had the time...she is rotten :)

Thank you, Saving Grace, for giving Lucy a second chance at life and for allowing us to adopt her. She is forever in a loving home that can't imagine life without her. We LOVE our Collie!

The Johnson Family


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Hi, Molly!

Roo (formally Jonesy, and renamed after Roo from Winnie the Pooh) has been my constant shadow for 6 months now and though she's not a puppy anymore, her energy is still never lacking! Her favorite toys are my socks, especially when a squeaky ball is placed inside one. Her days are spent sunbathing, racing around my apartment, and amusing herself with anything she can find. At night she curls up quite contently in my lap and refuses to move until morning. She has yet to meet a stranger, though she does her best to seem ferocious while guarding her territory. Roo gained a very special place in my heart soon after we met; less than two weeks after bringing her home, the man I adopted her with walked out on both of us and never came back. For a very long time, Roo was what got me out of bed. Even on the worst days, she was up and jumping, reminding me that there were balls to be thrown and ropes to be tugged on. This little bundle of love, sweetness and pure energy helped me get through more than I ever even imagined. Thank you so much for bringing her into my life!

P.S. Roo also rocks a full body mohawk now that is dyed different colors throughout the year. I work as a dog groomer, and she loves to come to work for a spa day with Mom!



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Molly ~

This is long overdue, but we just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and give you a quick update on Gibbs (we kept the name - everyone thought it fit). He moved right into our household without any trouble and is still every bit as sweet. He's an energetic guy and runs nonstop with the kids and a golden puppy across the street. And no matter how worn out he is, Gibbs always has the energy to chew! All in all, he seems to feel right at home here in Wilmington.

We'll try to keep you updated. Thanks again!

Jean Murtagh & family