Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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dog pic

Hi, Molly and all!

I just wanted to check in to tell you how happy we are that you saved McGraw!

He fit right in to our family. We are so glad you saved him and he is with us! He loves playing with our other dog, Boogie, and loves chasing balls and running in the backyard.

He still has some trouble with stairs and isnít quite potty trained yet but he such a sweetie!

Kim Roberson


dog pic

Hey, Molly and Karen -

Sorry itís taken so long to write. Iíve been extremely busy since I was adopted from Saving Grace! My new owners were pretty darn nervous when we first went home, but I showed them! I was on my best behavior from Day One 1. With that being said... they proceeded to enroll me in classes. (They donít realize this but all those classes were for them and not me).

First it was basic manners, and then advanced manners with a CGC certificate and finally a Pet Therapy Class. The end result is my mom and I are a certified team with Therapy Dog, Inc. Weíve been visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Durham for almost a year now and just started with the See Spot Read program.

Iím really great at my work and it makes my mom and dad very proud. I have to say the last 19 months have been the best of my life, thanks to Molly, Karen and all the other wonderful folks at Saving Grace. Sending lots of wags, woofs, and kisses to you all!

Paw It Forward,

(You guys knew me as Chester)


dog pic

Hi, Molly -

Brianna has been a wonderful dog, especially considering her reserve after losing her first home. We are still struggling to change her name because her personality has come out little by little over the last six weeks. It has taken her until the last two weeks to visibly relax and interact like the family dog and not a fostered dog, but from the beginning she has been great with our daughter Hannah and our cats.

She likes the back yard, but loves her walks and demands them when it's not raining, 1 to 1-1/2 miles twice a day. She has gained enough weight that her ribs don't show as much and her hips are not as pointy. We are going slow with the extra food, and most of the new weight is muscle from her activity.

Next Wednesday, we have our last Canine Good Citizenship class and she takes the test. It has been a bonding thing for us, and to refresh the training she clearly had, but has lost or become unfocused. We knew that she would need a role to play or a job before we got a Belgian, and I hope to get her into some agility activities and let her be a therapy dog after we've had her 6 months.

We love having her! Thanks for checking in.

Roger Barr


dog pic

Molly, I guess it has taken me long enough to update you on Tini, as in martini (formerly know as Flap Jack). As you can see, she has thrived and though it took almost 7 months for her to know that people would not hurt her and would only love her, she is worth all the work! She is my reason to get up every morning and is the most loving dog you could possibly imagine, as you can see from this picture with my youngest grandaughter. Thanks for all you do.

Sharon Macsuga


dog pic

Hi, Molly,

I am sending you pictures of Heidi (formerly Fifi). She is an adorable bundle of love and joy! She has adjusted well to our family and loves her new way of life.

We love having her here and are so happy to have her. She loves playing fetch. Her favorite thing is a squeaky toy. Birds and squirrels have just been discovered... what fun! Heidi will sit on anyone's lap for hours. She's smart and obedient, and has adjusted well to her crate. Heidi has done a great job learning to live in the house. She does well on a leash, and is great to take on outings. My grandchildren love her and are always so happy to see her. She is so happy to see them as well!

We just want to thank you so much for saving all these dogs. Please feel free to use any of these attached pictures in your puppy mill video.

Nellie Ann Smith


dog pic

Stella, formerly Tiny, is doing great! All checked out well and she will go for some regular blood work before getting a tooth removed. She is such a good girl! Thanks, Molly and the gang! We love her so much already!

Shayna Deiley Dudak


dog pic

Ola, Saving Grace:

You may remember me as Gidget, but I've been Brandy for over a year now. My life has changed so much since my parents and stepbrother picked me up as a skinny little girl. I now have my perfect figure, weighing in at 15 lbs. or maybe it's 16...

I've become a "seeing eye partner" for my stepbrother Pepe. He lost his vision to SARDS in December and I'm very protective of him. He's not allowed to go outside without me and he knows where I am 'cause mom put bells on my collar. The best thing is, I can take his chew bone without him knowing it. We still play tug-o-war and bark at deer. Even though he can't see them, he knows they're there! I'm an instigator at urging him to run and bark - it makes me feel good to see him get excited.

I love to take long walks and chase squirrels and toads. We all go to the beach a lot and though I don't like the water, I love to dig in the sand.

Life is good and I thank you again for rescuing me and finding my forever home!

Brandy Faivre


dog pic

Dear Molly,

Attached is a recent picture of Crash playing in the mud. He is a wonderful boy! He is very patient with the kids and makes a wonderful running buddy for me. We adore him and couldn't imagine life without him!

Thank you for bringing him into our lives and for all you do.

Best regards,
C. Ashley Hudson

Lucy Belle

dog pic

Hi, Molly -

We adopted our dog Lucy Belle from you 4 summers ago. She is the best dog ever and we love her very much. Now we have a baby boy and he loves her too. Lucy Belle says, "Thank you for rescuing me!"

Courtney Spangenberg


dog pic

Hi, Molly,

Thanks for checking in on me! I really appreciate your team at Saving Grace letting me stay a while. The Hall Family took me on a long car ride from your place to their home in Greensboro.

I like the Halls - there is a big guy, a pretty lady and two little girls. They changed my name from Gooseberry to Bella. The two little girls are cool. They play with me and give me lots of belly rubs. Oh - the belly rubs - they are my favorite thing! The older little girl was scared of me (and all other dogs) at first, but she is warming up to me quickly. The smallest little girl is very brave - sometimes she is rough with me but the big guy and pretty lady are training her on how to play nice.

I am a little confused on what I can put in mouth - the humans act weird when I try to taste their skin, clothes, shoes, carpet, furniture and so on - I just like to explore the world with my nose and mouth. I impressed the Halls by being crate trained before going to their home. Now I almost always let the humans know when I need to go outside to potty. The humans are teaching me some of their words - I get the one called Sit, but not really sure what the Stay and Come mean. I really impress the big guy when we go on walks around the neighborhood - I am super on a leash!

I will be in touch again soon, Molly. Hopefully all of my friends from Saving Grace are doing well - tell 'em I said woof!

Bella Gooseberry