Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Dear Molly and Karen,

If only there was a way to measure how much laughter and happiness that Tank has brought to our family, it would be off the charts! She is a wonderful companion, watch dog, friend, and constant source of fun and entertainment. We had no idea when we brought this humongous dog home that the part of our hearts reserved for her would be just as huge. Thank you for taking the time to work with us and to find the dog that was truly meant to be part of our family.

Merry Christmas,
Chris, Steve, and family

Sugar Lips

dog pic

Sugar Lips is one of my favorites adopted from us over the years. She is the sweetest thing and I love getting updates like this one today from her wonderful family. ~Molly

"Sugar Lips is STILL a doll. Only I believe she was misrepresented by Saving Grace. She’s really not a dog. She’s a cat inside a dog’s body!! That girl doesn’t bark, jump up on people, doesn’t want to go on anything but a very short walk, rubs all over people and sleeps all day and all night curled up in a ball in her beanbag bed.

However, last month she took 2nd place in a dog trick contest when Paws4Ever had their annual walk and fund raiser in my neighborhood. I say, “sit, spin, down and BANG” and she sits, then spins, then lays down and then rolls over on her side. Smart girl, that Sugar Lips!"


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Hi Molly,

Just a note that Pepper (Coconut) has been such a wonderful addition to our family, joining Tommy and Paddy (our other two pound pups). Tommy is now 18, so Pepper has been such a great play pal for Paddy. My wife Ronna has stage IV metastatic breast cancer and is in hospice. Pepper is so playful and full of joy, she brings Ronna so much happiness. Knowing that Saving Grace saves these little souls and puts them in good homes has provided us much comfort in these sad times. Bless you for what you do!

Rob, Ronna, Tommy, Paddy, and Pepper


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LOVED this girl, Skippy. She was adopted to a wonderful home this week at Kitty Hawk and is already learning to love the beach. What a wonderful home! We love you Skippy! -Molly and everyone at Saving Grace


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Dear Molly,

Thank you for rescuing me and finding my forever family this summer. I have a wonderful life with my new family. I have had 6 weeks of formal training at Top Dog Academy in Greenville where I am enrolled in intermediate classes in January. I go to doggie day care when my Mom goes to work, where I can run and play with all my new friends. My special new friend is in the picture with me - her name is Hannah. We have a great time playing!



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Hi, Molly -

It's been over 2 years (Sept. 2009) since we adopted Gracie (formerly Lizzie) from Saving Grace after she was rescued from the Wilson County puppy mill. As you can see, she's an absolutely beautiful and elegant lady. We named her Gracie and it really suits her.

She and our older dog Skip became fast friends. At night they snuggle together on a bed in the laundry room, but by day, she is always with me. I work from home and she loves to sleep on a bed beside my desk, or follow me from room to room, where she jumps up on the comfiest furniture around and watches what I'm doing. Her favorite spot when I cook is on the couch in the family room where she peers over the back and watches me (Skip would rather be underfoot in the hopes that I'll drop some food). Speaking of that family room couch, it's her go-to spot whenever she walks in the door. She climbs on one of the pillows on top of the couch and perches there like a queen. In the car, she rides in the back with Skip, but at every stop sign or light, she leans forward over the console just to check on me and get a little love. She and Skip also love lying on the bed with us when we watch TV in the bedroom. As you can tell, she loves warm, soft beds and snuggling with her people. She loves me best, but if I'm not available, she'll take her loving anywhere she can get it! ;)

One of the great surprises with Gracie was how energetic she is out of doors. As quiet and laid-back as she is indoors, she LOVES to run outdoors, and is absolutely perfect on leash when we go for a walk. Skip tugs and pulls and wants to be into everything, but Gracie will trot along beside you, looking up at you every few feet to check her pace. She never pulls, crosses in front of me, or lags behind. I get no credit for teaching her this - she just naturally adjusts herself to whatever I'm doing. She also never runs out a door in front of me, never barks, is playful when someone wants to play and quiet when they just want to be quiet. In other words, she's a perfect, polite lady!

Thanks so much for rescuing Gracie so that we could be lucky enough to have her in our lives! She's a happy little dog and a real joy to us!

Chris Rothemich


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This is long overdue...... we just want to thank you for the best dog in the world! First just to explain why we renamed her - Dottie was renamed to Peedee to represent ECU (the mascot is called Peedee) where my sons go to college.

The very first minute we met her it was love! She crawled into my youngest son's lap, licked him and we knew she should in our family without a doubt. Peedee is always a nice dog to EVERYONE, and I mean even the UPS man! Loves to play soccer for hours. Loves to be touching us when sitting with us. She amazes us in her speed. Once she playfully caught a squirrel and even let it go unharmed. Loves to swim, catch Frisbees, take lots of walks, makes friends... we could go on and on!

We just want to say thank you, Saving Grace, for helping us find our four legged furry friend Peedee. Our heart and family are complete with her. God bless!

Sandi Raymond


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Dear Molly and all the friends at Saving Grace,

I wanted to give you an update on Cody, a.k.a. Fluffy. He has turned into such an amazing dog and he has been full of surprises. One of the biggest surprises is that its good we didn't call him Fluffy. We found that when the summer comes, he sheds all his fur and maintains a beautiful white short coat.

Cody loves sleeping under my car. When we are at the beach, he spends his days lying under the car (he can come in where there is air conditioning) and when we are home he spends his days in the garage. Harper (our other Saving Grace dog) has grown very fond of Cody. They play out in our yard, chasing each other and barking at the other dogs in the neighborhood. We try to walk every day and I allow them to run free in our woods. One good whistle and they are both by my side!

Thank you for working so hard to keep Saving Grace alive. Your work has blessed us with two dogs. They are both the best!



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Hi, Molly -

Just an update.. Scrappy is doing well and loving his new family. He such a love bug! Thanks again for what you all do for these animals at Saving Grace.



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Dear Molly,

Well, what can I say except THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Bandit is the new love of my life. He is absolutely perfect! We talk to each other and cuddle, go for walks, meet and greet other dogs, children, and adults. He is totally house trained (asks to go out), knows his basic commands, and would sell his soul for treats and meals. He loves watching the ducks on the lake and listening to the birds and boats. He is TOTALLY LAID BACK, but loves to play and race around in circles. In conclusion, we both smile a lot and thank God for each other.

Will keep you updated.

Barbara Locke