Happy Tails!

Take time to enjoy these happy endings. We love hearing how the newly found families are doing, so if you have adopted from us, and whould like us to share your story, please email us at savinggrace@savinggracenc.org, or use the form in the contact us page.

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Hello everyone at Saving Grace!

I wanted to share with you how Josephine is doing. I adopted Jo about 3 weeks ago (I kept her name because she just seemed like a Josephine) and she has settled in quite comfortably. Josephine loves to take walks at the park, sniffing every scent, looking for squirrels and rabbits, and socializing with other dogs and people. Everywhere we go, everyone can't get enough of Jo! She also really loves to sleep!! She has her own little dog bed where she can be found snoring away all snuggled up! Josephine loves getting treats and when she gets a bone she finds a corner in the house and tries to bury it! It's a pretty funny sight! I am so happy that I adopted Josephine, she has become my little side kick and is just the best dog!

Thank you Saving Grace!


Sara Dean


dog pic

Just wanted to let you know that Porter is doing great. He had his post surgical visit on Saturday and Dr Price will remove his stitches next Saturday. His incision looks good, heart and lungs sound good but he does have a collapsing trachea that acts up when he gets excited. Nothing we can't handle.

He's been going to work with me until his stitches come out. Eating well, taking his meds well and enjoys a bedtime snack of plain Greek yogurt (only a teaspoon though).

He went on his first shopping trip to Petsmart and Home Depot with his Mama and Granny today. His Granny's dog, Fiona, joined in the trip.

Porter would like to thank you, his foster Mom, Dr Todd, and all the volunteers at Saving Grace for taking such good care of him.

Thanks also to all the prayer warriors who prayed for Porters recovery after surgery.

PS. He is also enjoying his new cat siblings, Frankie and Darlin'.

Crystal now Lucy

dog pic

We couldn't be happier with Lucy (Crystal)! She is such a good girl!! Lucy is so good with the kids and has really began interacting with them in the last couple weeks. Behaviorally she is perfect. She goes right into her crate, stays there with no barking/crying, no accidents, and no chewing anything up. I did catch her with a mouth full of math flash cards but she didn't even leave a mark on them, maybe just wanted to see what they tasted like. When you give Lucy a treat, she is so gentle not to get your fingers. A few things make us wonder about her history.....she will not eat ANYTHING, not even a treat/cheese, if on her leash. As well as she rarely barks. We love her so and just can't imagine what our house was like without her. From the pictures you can tell she is so good with the kids and tolerates the "vet" checks and dress up. They also make sure she knows where her toys are all the time even though she is not usually interested in them!

Thanks for the great match!!


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Annie is doing fabulous and is becoming more social every day. She was very shy around men and other dogs for the first couple of months that I had her, but now she is playing with other dogs in the dog park every day and wagging her tail at every person she meets. My apartment complex expanded their dog park and is putting in an obstacle course and hurdles so I am excited to start training her! We went to the beach a few weeks ago and she was having way too much fun chasing sea gulls and digging in the sand. I swear my parents come to visit me in North Carolina mostly just to visit Annie (haha). Here are a few picture of my little lady. Thank you for helping me find my best friend.


dog pic

Ciri is WONDERFUL. WHAT A BLESSING TO OUR FAMILY! Her new best friend is Macie and they play and play for hours - which is great for both of them. She and Macie share several hours a week together. Thanks for checking in. I have been singing the praises of Saving Grace in Wilson!!!

Munchkin now Casey

dog pic

ďMunchkinĒ (now Casey) is the light of our lives! She is so full of life and love. I canít imagine our lives without her. Recently we were out of town for a few days. During this time she stayed with my boyfriendís brother (and... her puppy cousin, Addie!). He sent us pictures of her every day. She is so cuddly and adorable that I regret to report that she gets away with quite a lot! When she runs down the stairs in the morning, her rear swings side-to-side so far that I have started calling her Wiggle-Butts, and even got my boyfriend doing it (donít tell him I told you!).

She has gone from sleeping in her crate to sleeping in her dog bed to sleeping under the covers in our bed, sometimes even sharing my pillow. She has wormed her way into the bed just as she wormed her way into our hearts. We love her, and we tell her every day how special she is. Thank you for bringing us together!

Rocky now Killian

dog pic

It's officially a month today that we adopted Killian (formerly Rocky). He continues to do fabulous with his brother, Moose, and sister, Heffer (pictured). He adds an additional talent of cleaning the neighborhood sidewalks by eating every worm that he sees - trust me, having one eye has not been a deterrent, he sees EVERY one of them! (I promise we feed him plenty of dog food!). Thanks, Saving Grace for our little man, Killian! We love him lots!

- Paula and Chris (and Heffer and Moosie)

Apple now Izzy

dog pic

Choosing just ONE yesterday was so hard! Just wanted to let you know that Izzy (formerly Apple) is settling in beautifully! She has such a sweet nature and loves to hoard all of the toys and bones! Thank you for doing what you do. Wish we could get 20 more!


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Everyone at Saving Grace,

I just wanted to send a short note and let you know how Gracie is doing. She is adjusting well to her new home here in Mooresville. Megan, you were right about Miss Gracie. She is a very smart pup. We started school with Ian Forbus (aka the dog whisperer) last Tuesday and she is a very quick learner. She is learning this week to come when her name ...is called and "down". Potty training is going especially well. She recognizes "outside"! We're both learning. She absolutely loves her nylabones and tries to hide them all over the house so other dogs won't find them. Just too funny. She is a really sweet girl! I'm so glad you saved her and put her picture online so I could find her. Thank you so much.

- Gracie and Georgia Campbell


dog pic

Layla joined our "wolf pack" about a month ago and she is happy as can be in her new forever home. Layla came into our lives as a foster puppy at 6 months old and is the sweetest puppy.

People joke that she is our "foster failure," but this is definitely a success story! She has two sisters now, Maddie and Bear, and a big yard to run in. She enjoys fetching tennis balls, snuggling on the couch and playing tag with our other dogs around the yard. She fits right in with our family. She has a lot of growing to do judging by the size of her paws!

We couldn't be happier that we found Layla through our fostering experience at Saving Grace. We are grateful for all of the love the volunteers at Saving Grace put into finding these puppies homes everyday. Thank you to everyone who helped bring Layla into our lives!!

- Liss and Eddie

Wilbur now Cooper

dog pic

Hi Saving Grace - wanted to drop a little hello from Cooper (aka Wilbur) that we adopted in August. Cooper has adjusted very well to our family. He is a crazy, fun-loving puppy who loves to be involved in everything we do. He loves to unfold the clothes I just folded, bring shoes out of closets and chase the bugs outside. He is a very sweet little boy who we love whole-heartedly. Thank you for putting this baby in our life!


dog pic

We renamed Faith to Curry. Curry is awesome! For the first few weeks she had to settle into our family and was slightly reserved but that's all changed now. She's a little ball of love! She has a special connection with each of us - sweet and snuggly with me, playful with my husband, and entertained by the kids. She loves to play games, chase balls, and is especially fond of anything shaped like a squirrel or containing a squeaker. She understands the house routine now and visits the farmer's markets with us on weekends. Absolutely a great addition to our family! Thanks for finding her for us!


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Just wanted to tell you how much we love our little Maisy! We even kept her name because it really seemed to suit her. She has adjusted beautifully to our family and she is never in need of attention. She is the sweetest girl and is totally spoiled with toys and fluffy things to sleep on. She is making a lot of progress with potty training and she is great on a harness and leash! Thank you so much for helping us find our special little girl!!! The boys each got up at 5:00 am hoping to be the first one up to play with the dog!!


dog pic

Dear Saving Grace,

We wanted to send a picture of our sweet Roxy and let you know how happy we are to have found the perfect canine addition to our family. Our 10 year old daughter Caroline is thrilled to have a dog, and has taken on the responsibility of walking her, brushing her and being Roxy's best pal. She even brushes Roxy's teeth and gums every morning before school! We're still trying to convince our cat Bijou that the two of them can co-exist, but we're making good progress there ...well, maybe.

We've attached a picture of Caroline and Roxy enjoying a snuggle on the couch - clearly a spoiled dog and a happy girl! Thank you so much for finding Roxy, and for helping us find her. We couldn't be happier!

Warm regards and many, many thanks,

Aimee and Steven Wayling
Caroline, Roxy and Bijou


dog pic

We adopted Rascal (previously Homey) three years ago and Daisy (previously Dina) two years ago - both from Saving Grace. They have been perfect for each other and given so much more to us than we could ever give to them. Thank you to Molly and all the volunteers for saving my two little best friends!


dog pic

Dear Molly and everyone at Saving Grace,

I hope that you are doing well. Iíve attached a recent photo of Ruby to let you know that she is healthy and happy and living the good life! I got her from Saving Grace in August of 2004. She was called Tippy then. She had recently had surgery to remove her leg that had been badly broken and had mended very badly. She was in rough shape when you got her.

You saw all the love and courage that she had in her and you saved her for me. I am beyond thankful for that. I know that she is too. Ruby is an angel on earth! She shares her love and positive attitude with everyone she comes in contact with, human or otherwise. Ruby has gone through SO much but she still sees the world as a wonderful place where anything is possible. She is my hero!

Iíve been sending $20 each month to you and I hope this does a little bit to help Saving Grace stay in business. I owe you all so much. Thank you! Please take care and be well Ė Chuck Grantham


dog pic

Our first few days with Angella (now Zoey) have been awesome! She immediately has fit right into our family and has brought such smiles to our faces. Thank you Saving Grace for allowing us to adopt her and we look forward to watching her grow and enjoying many years of smiles with her!

Cha Cha

dog pic

Wanted to let you know we are blown away with Cha Cha - words can't express what a wonderful dog he is and so very loving! We are taking good care of him and he has been a blessing. --Anne Freda


dog pic

Molly, Layla just turned 5...you can see she has a "tough" life! Thanks again for finding me a perfect match!


dog pic

Grace, formerly Anita, is doing wonderfully. We love her and feel so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

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